Sunday, January 1, 2023



You Are


You are the sun to me

You are heaven to me

You are the root of me

which penetrates the soil

You are mother and father

and the work of creation,

a leaf, a blast,

what falls to the ground

You are a flower in the bud

and what blooms

You are a hail cloud

which suddenly disappears

You are next and even

and inside, you are ...

A cat that cuddles

Dog when strangers around

And all that

which I do not know today

You are!


I Did Not Know


I did not know that

this autumn is so beautiful

I did not know that

so much can give that

every leaf that falls

dances life in humility,

that he rejoices and rejoices,

that in a moment folded

will wrap the thirsty earth,

rain saturated that

then he will give so comforted

new caries

I didn't know life

is the way


This And That


This love

That ego






Just that and up

Peace of mind

The tao of existence

The truth about us




JOLANTA KUPISZ from Poland - Literary pseudonym Jola K. (Lola)

A heart awakened, literary soul. From the heart she is a child in the body of a mature woman, a mother of two adult sons and a grandmother. Lives in Warsaw. She has a master's degree in economics.

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