Sunday, January 1, 2023



Another Brother


I remember taking up as little room as

possible, restless to expand my medium.

my appetite promiscuous, a dark ether

at its middle, lustrous and notorious

a surreal irritant. Wanting to simply put

myself together: red body, blue head

maroon and yellow clouds

I felt as a dark object just passing

through town

then I coupled with you, a nocturne

turned to light waltzing through the

heavens, a haunting something to behold

a voice beautiful to devine, a wind

calming my complaint. We strolled

the beach together, the ocean gently

washing both our feet, you offered up

a morsel sweet tasting on the tongue,

we spoke of reclamation’s splendor

and the opening of a door. I shut my

eyes soaking in the sights. I dreamed

the stars rose up as did the Blessed

Mother. “I see,” she said, “you’ve

found another brother.”


Gather Me Up


gather me up as the night her moon

bestow on me your presence

as imperfect as I am, unfold me with

     your essence

soothe me with your speaking, as if on

     a fine afternoon


when we would lounge beneath an oak and

     discover fine commune

we would speak of things of vital interest

debate the great authors while our minds


over tea and macaroons


give me oranges to quench my thirst

for I am oppressed and overcome

mind and body become benumbed

my only wish to be relinquished of this



of any rebirth of merriment and mirth

the thrumming of the drums

Come! Let loose the hallelujahs, renounce

Your earth-bound burdens, portal through

     The past and let your voice impart


The mysteries of the Psalms, bring forth

An avalanche of song and courageous

Feats, the mountain’s benevolent hum

Turn your innocent face toward mine, burn

Me with your love, laugh into my heart


Webb’s Eyes


                          after seeing images from the

                               James Webb space telescope


stare at a single spot long

enough you’ll find infinity

staring back bewildered,

wondering what the hell

took you so long. Wondering

where you’d been. You won’t

find the answers in any holy

book, Bible or Koran; comfort

perhaps, a road map for sure.

He doesn’t speak from any pulpit

or sermon on any mount. God

doesn’t work well on the printed

page. You must live His wisdom

first hand: there in the smallest

molecule out to the vastness of

the cold night sky, the star-stuff

with-in us. You need only know

where to look. Curiosity is His mind.

compel yourself, move!  Seek Him

out. Liberate your boundaries; neutrons

to distant stars. Always be where you’re

yet not! Ask the wondrous “Why?”




TIMOTHY PAUL EVANS: Timothy Paul Evans began writing poetry about twenty years ago. His poems have appeared in several anthologies including California Quarterly, the 2020 San Diego edition of Bards Against Hunger, Trees in a Garden of Ashes and CHAOS, BEAT-itude National Beat Poetry Festival 10 Year Anthology, We Are Beat, National Beat Poetry Foundation Anthology.  Also in the 2018-2019 Summation 2020-2021 and the 2021- 2022 San Diego Poetry Anthology. He also has two new chapbooks; “Gertrude Stein’s Rose” and “Something in the Water”. His full length book of poetry, “Litanies of the Moon”, is now in print

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