Sunday, January 1, 2023





I believe in miracles

I believe they come true

Like when the angels of the heavens

Guided me to you

I believe in spirit

Upon their astral cloud

I believe that things I've done

Have often made then proud

I believe that dreams come true

When you make a wish so sweet

I believe that when times are bad

We all deserve a treat

I believe there's more to life

Than being born and growing old

I believe there is something out there

Waiting to unfold

I believe in my children

Whom I love with all my heart

I believe that no matter where we are

We are never far apart.

Donna McCabe ©


Spirit Garden


I think life is what you make of it

Mine is a garden so rare

I have taken great time and effort

Lavished it with care

At times it's been dark n dreary

So overgrown it's almost choked

But I have weeded right through it

Determined, full of hope

In time my spirit garden

Will show how hard I've worked

It will boast the flowers of gladness

With no weeds in the undergrowth.

Donna McCabe ©


Life's Journey


Life is the ocean

on which we all float

our soul is the vessel

that is the boat.

In the storms we are tossed

as the waves crash and roll

then on to calm waters

where the current is slow.

Rising and dipping

mimicking life's ups and downs

beating the waves

that can surely drown.

At the end of the day

when the sun descends

we go down in our ships

and to heaven ascend.

Donna McCabe ©


Heavenly Gifts


Wrapped in the arms of an angel

Whose wings give comfort and strength

A source of pure love and protection

From heaven divinely sent.

Donna McCabe ©




DONNA MCCABE is an established poet with over 20 years’ experience whose vast variety of work has gained her multiple accolades within her field of literature of the years. From being published in journals, magazines and anthologies as well as being a highly respected admin in multiple social media groups, her most recent works of merit would include The Writers and Readers' Magazine, Our Poetry Archive,Raven Cage Zine and featuring in a books published by Poetry Planet called Words in Motion, Who's who of Emerging Writers 2021, Movement Our Bodies In Action, Jewels in the Queens Crown : The Best Of The Best, The Sacred Feminine Volume II, Quintessence: Coming of Age, Ashes in the Glen among others. Donna's intricate wordplay displayed in her works has been personified by her past and concurrent experiences which include her hardships, trials and tribulations. All of which she has been accompanied by her loving husband of 25 years. Together they have raised three children in the picturesque valleys of the Rhondda, South Wales. Her lifetime admiration of reading and writing and love of art has steered her into a adventurous new direction of collaborations with an up and coming Canadian artist Ala Ilescu whose idiosyncratic mind and artistic works compliment the vivid images Donna's narrative works paint. These collaborations have resulted in a beautiful book of poetry and artwork entitled “Explosion Of Love” published on Amazon. Donna's creativity has also taken her onto other platforms in recent times, Using Instagram to reach out and display her love of writing, artwork and love of the natural world to a wider audience. Her writings and interactions with the wider poetry communities on there have helped her gain a good following and many features and awards too.


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