Sunday, January 1, 2023



God’s Love And Kindness


When I go to sleep

After a day of hard work

I keep my eyes closed

And slip away into pitch dark


And I think of those

Who have been working

Day and night without

Any rest and been struggling


To make both ends meet

How lucky I am to have born

With so much to enjoy

And wake up fresh each morn


O God thanks very much

For your love and kindness

Like you blessed me with

A good life to all you must bless


I Feel Blessed


I watch the rose blooming

Opening silky its petals to the sun

And feel blessed for a new life

God gives me after the night is gone


I wake up listening to

The cool wind knocking the door

And feel warmth of the

Morning light grazing the tiled floor


I feel blessed and glad

To see again all things around

They give me joy and keep me

Fresh with their beauty and sound


You Must Feel Grateful To Him


You must go on singing

You have given a chance to stay alive

To be with family and kins and friends

Unlike many who did not wake up to

Hear the morning bells in temples ringing


You must feel grateful and blessed

You have a day ahead to work and enjoy

A day ahead to be with birds, butterflies,

Streams and unlike many who strived to

Survive and did not wake up being stressed


You should not ever weep

God is giving you chances to live life

To pray and share love and help the poor

Unlike to others who could not finish

Their jobs here and forever gone to sleep


I Have Faith In Him


I always believe that

The god is by my side

When struggling along the path

Of life I go through the bumpy ride


I have faith in Him

And meet life head on

He guides me like a well wisher

In the darkness shows me the sun


I have gone through

A lot and keep moving

Amidst successes and failures

I am a fighter under His blessing


Taking His name I

Wake up and do my best

He will guide me to my goals

Before I will take my eternal rest




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