Sunday, January 1, 2023



The Dance Of Life


I fall and get up, I dance again

I step quietly, on my toes

Not to hurt you.

I caress the air,

I gracefully steal your sighs

I wear them in the infinity of restlessness!

 I spin in the air, in a circle,

Every moment to catch

 I hunt your every hope.

I jump and fall

I rise like a phoenix!

 The flame in the embers –

With a new view, a new horizon

To stellar heights.

I dance lightly

I swing like a feather.

Don't stop me, don't

I still play

That's the dance of life!

I play tirelessly

with  sky blue

I wash the world.

Don't change the tune

I create the fantasy

She will guide me

Through troubled waters

Until the end of the dance, until the end of the century!


A Message


An old yellowed book

On a dusty shelf placed above

Silent and crying, forgotten by everyone

Nailed me with a half-step look.


Silently invited me to lift it in my hands

Whispered to me with excitement, secretly sincere,

Hug me and love me and I will guide you

With each new leaf to the primeval.


On an old armchair, next to a flowery window

I held her to my chest like a great gift,

I turn pages, handwriting known,

 seal of allegiance, from an old friend.


I'm falling in love with the gentle words

From a long time ago, told in a story

For life, for love, for home

For my youth and holy faith.


Time passed; the gaze landed

On a page torn from an old book,

 Valuable message, in colored pencil:

"I am proud of you, my daughter"!


A Night


Slowly, quietly, you spread,

You glide gently, like silk across the landscape.

The leaves are rustling

Late blooming roses smell.

A white cloud hides the moon,

My gaze seeks a guiding star

And there high the Pole star is lighting

Singing a hymn for the newborn night.

And this night brings sighs

Someone regrets a missed opportunity,

Someone regrets the missed day

And someone is thankful permanently.

Although you are dark, you are a new hope

 Only in the dark do stars fall,

Although you are dark, you bring excitement

A new day rise is waiting for us tomorrow.

Night! You are not darkness, you are not black!

You are bright, shiny, rediant

You are inspiration, rest, relaxation,

You are a desire released into space.

And this night is blessed, an angel is born,

 a baby's cry is heard!

Every night is divine

Revealing   a world hidden in you!




MIRA GEORGIEVSKA, poet and writer, born in Kriva Palanka, R. Macedonia. In her childhood and youth, she participated and won prizes in numerous literary contests, and her poems were repeatedly published in the magazine "Our World". She is a journalist graduate of the Interdisciplinary Studies in Journalism at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. For many years she worked at Radio Kriva Palanka, as an editor and host of many cultural shows. As a head of the NI Culture Center Kriva Palanka (2018-2022), she activated the Literary Club "Kalin"and successfully realized several literary events: the International Poetry manifestation "Lyric Trembling", "We Read and we listen to music", "Dance of words". On her initiative, facebook group "Kalin - Club of poets and lovers of the written word" was created. In 2021, she participated in the editing and publication of the Poetic Almanac "The Inexhaustible Sources of Kalin". In the same year, she participated in arranging and realizing the International Literary Competition on a free topic on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Academician Blaze Koneski. In 2022 she presented her modest literary work at "Literary Meetings in Struga", and her two poems "Rippling" and "Be a song", dedicated to Petko Shipingarovski, were published in the Literature, Culture, and Art Magazine "Rippling". In the same year, she participated in a contest for children's songs, organized by Milica Paulus and Vera M. Samarjanin, in cooperation with the MaBiH Association. Her songs were uploaded on YouTube, a video entitled "Macedonian Children's Poetry“. At the poetry festival for children on a free theme, by the same organizers, she received a Diploma for first place and for the best interpretation. She lives in Kriva Palanka and works at the NI Culture Center Kriva Palanka.

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