Sunday, January 1, 2023



God Is Great


Bright sun is shining

flowers are smiling

birds are chirping

When fresh is the air I know God is there.


As howling wind lashes

sharp lightning flashes

roaring thunder crashes

as raindrops gently descend

I know God is the Friend.


No cough or sneeze

pain is ease, cured is the disease,

we must pray and meditate

I know God is Great.


I See God's Love


In softly flowing clouds

soaked in moist sweetness

in mellifluous notes

seeped in the wind

and the twinkle that shines

in the smiling eyes

I feel God's love-


In the tender touch

of wanted caress, in heat

of hands in prayer pressed

in rustling of blossoms

I hear God's love-


In the friend's voice

in rhythm of raindrops

in fading winter waves

as Spring approaches

and hibernation ends.

I receive God's love.


God Sent You I Know


Because I wanted you so

And I prayed to Him;

To send you as a friend,

Someone to share

Someone to care

someone to laugh with

God sent you, I know

Because I asked Him to–

As He is the one who knows

He loves and cares

He is the One who shares,

He makes us laugh and smile

God sent you I know—

When I see you, I see Him

When you smile, I know He is happy

When you laugh, I know He is smiling too,

God loves us so

And, I know He sent you

And I love Him, and I love you,

Since God has revealed you

I know there is a purpose

I know, it is true, and there is a promise—

He has a way of showing His love,

He can see us, from above;

If we stay on His way

He will not leave us astray

We must thank Him every day.




ANJUM WASIM DAR, migrant Pakistani of Kashmiri origin. Masters in English Literature & American Studies. Masters in History, Punjab University.   Scholarship holder for distinction in English Language at Graduate level. Post Graduate Diploma in TEFL and Certificate of Proficiency in English, Cambridge University UK. International Poet of Merit, Bronze Medal Award Winner, ISP USA-2000, Short Story Writer, Author of Novel for Young Adults, “The Adventures of the Multi Colored Lead People”. Former Head of English Department at PAF AIR University Bilquis College of Education for Women Chaklala. Islamabad. Digital Artist with Focus on Ekphrastic Poetry. 


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