Sunday, January 1, 2023





God, look at us from heaven

We need your help

Give salvation to our souls

Have mercy on us with your big hand.


God, we are weak, little ones

They dressed in heavy armor

Yours, we need forgiveness

The curse grips us, so we make mistakes.


May your holy grace

Always finds wandering souls

Instead of darkness, bring us light

And to lead us on the paths of love.


Exalted dear Lord

Only you can help us

Open our petrified hearts

To each other, yes, we forgive.


God Gave It To Us


Not a single step in life

it's not easy at all

we fight for our love

for happiness for survival.


This world is evil

He wants to destroy our happiness

God has blessed us

to unite our souls.


Let's be jealous of love

defending in the right way

it is only the meaning of life

responsibility means a lot.


We love each other like pigeons

and no one will be able to do anything to us

we do not allow our dreams to be interrupted

It is a bitter suffering, which can never pass.


We defend our love

of all severe temptations

because only by our devotion

the power is even greater, hers.


Life Is An Study


Through which we perform various lessons

We are fighting for a better tomorrow

How to make your dreams come true.


When the light of hope comes on

Then there is no fear of failure

Then the love of God warms us

The birds settled in the canopy of the soul.


Even when the winds are blowing

Self-confidence protects us

The heavenly apostles are guarding us

That we can overcome difficulties more easily.


It is important to walk towards the goal

Slowly without haste and fear

It is important to maintain a healthy mental balance

In order not to fall into their own unwanted network.


With personal self-sacrifice

Get rid of fear

Flying on the wings of spirituality

We will be saved from fall and fear.




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