Sunday, January 1, 2023



Seek Nirvana


In this world of illusion

All I look for is some quietude 

The noise outside

The noise inside

All I crave for is some silence

The silence without the chaos

The stillness of mind and soul

Where I am one with God

Within and outside

to experience

the eternal bliss

With noise all around

Yet a silence within

A perfect balance

Of mind and body

Somewhat meditative

Being in this world

Living and breathing

Yet disconnected

Is this A state of Nirvana

Or am I enjoying this bliss

Amidst this chaotic world.


I See You In Everything


While walking in the spiritual path

Seeking the grace of God

My devotion flows seamlessly

in my mind through the heart

to paint a beautiful world outside

as I see God in every little thing

Which is a manifestation of my consciousness

The dingy alleys of my heart

Feel lit up suddenly

as the world shines all around

Just like a single droplet hanging on a leaf

After a heavy downpour

Letting the sun shine through

Making it look bright and beautiful.


God’s Presence


My silence echoes louder than my words

As my inner whispers become coherent.

Thoughts tip-toe into my chaotic mind

Stirring the dust of silence.

Quietly and calmly settling down,

In a muted mode.

The silent sobs are camouflaged,

With the sound of the waves.

My yearnings to find the almighty continue

The waves crash against the shores,

Splashing water droplets on my face,

My tears continue to flood my eyes,

And roll down my cheeks slowly.

And I experience the presence of God

In every single moment of my experience

On this earth.

I continue to sit,

Engulfed by the mighty waves,

Fully drenched from inside out,

Embracing me, comforting me,

Reassuring me I am not alone.

I am one with the creator

I am the ultimate Brahman!




MADHUMITA SINHA is an HR professional. She is passionate about poetry, panting and photography, the three Ps of her life that completely keeps are busy. She is a published author of two poetry books ‘Heartbeats ‘and ‘Bits and pieces of me’. she has contributed to 11 anthologies out of that 3 are international anthologies. she writes for a lot of literary magazines and journals worldwide from time to time. She is a true nature enthusiast and her poetries are greatly influenced by nature. 

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