Sunday, January 1, 2023



The Chalice


Nobody knows

If the sacred narration has begun

Like the fathers of the church

They tell us


Collected events

From a distant past

Reported by rumours

Talking about heaven and hell

Of Cain and Abel

of the Magdalene

Of the snake and the apple


Everything makes you think

of imaginary stories

For fools and gullible people

Told in an archaic language

Which modernity refuses to understand


But when on the altar

The chalice rises

In reverent silence

bystanders bow their heads

©Maria Miraglia


Grain Of Sand


I speak to you, God

I turn to you

for a thousand things

humbly and with

all the uncertainties

of a man who lives

in this wonderful world

but so weird

full of contradictions

of beauties and ugliness

pains and passions


Everything speaks of you

the harmonies among the stars

the colourful sunrises and sunsets

the scents of the seasons

the bizarre shapes

of the creatures

that inhabit the seas and

the forests


But as a nocturnal bird

I grope in the dark

like a grain of sand

raised by the wind

I scatter

in an ocean of doubts and



You say

yours is the choice

but everything is in Your will

©Maria Miraglia





The clear sky with

Clouds that look painted

By Italian painters of the Renaissance

White or light grey

Like large flowers just blossomed

All around majestic mountains

There since ever

Carved statues

By skilled hands

Not far away

Clear flow the waters

Of a stream

The grass at my feet

Scattered with poppies daffodils

And shiny bluebells

Here and there

Bushes of white flowers

Like shining bells


Down in the valley

the roofs of the houses

The celestial vault so close

You can almost touch it

With the palm of your hand

Everything around shows off

His magnificence and

Whilst I listen to the silence

Almost afraid are the birds

To break the spell


His fresco has no equal.


Far in the cosmos

©Maria Miraglia




Dr. MARIA. A. MIRAGLIA, an educationist, a bilingual poet, a translator, an essayist in Italian and English, a ministerial lecturer for English language teachers, a peace activist for long, and an active member of Amnesty International and several other peace and literary organizations, is a recipient of several awards. She is a founding member and a Literary Director of P. Neruda literary association and member of several international editorial boards.  Dr. Maria Miraglia has recently been elected to the European Academy of Science and Arts-Salzburg.


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