Saturday, September 1, 2018




Good morning, Ms!,
I'll tell you when minutes  hand the dew clock,
It made me dizzy with the wind of night, with the wave broken
Through the ancestral clay, you wore the crown of midsummer,
I'll take you from the edge of the deltelor with my cold touch
With the old reed, only the blind cricket felt
That we were sick of love, you were hiding under
Rowan  wild with your eyes and mouth that fills me
of kisses covering my face, knees full of sand,
They come to you, no one sees us, only the waves of eternal water
I'm lurking, you wonder when you see me, my arms hurt,
I kneel, I embrace you, and I kiss your navel full of sounds
Magic, warm and soft neck, I pass my hand through your hair
Then we lose ourselves through the embroidery thrown by the smattering.


Baby, you're like a distant star,
Like a crying of grass climbing on the wound
Destiny, you want to drive away or touch
The tissues of algae that give us detour and
Weary throwing stars over the line
Life, though, i admit i like my eyes dumbness,
I read you from glances and I see
How do you like me as a fog of snake
Which I lick like the salt of the body, you
I'll eat the dreams of your night painlessly,
I'll kiss your thighs and your relentless dream,
Your breasts and the edge of the body, the flowers ravines
Purple, without you I suffer, you may know, Staminas are
I only wear regrets over the spill of the month,
Where are you? I know you're going to punish me and brittle
Where your eyes saw me looking for my
The rains that walk through my soul.


I asked God to give me
Embers are dim l of my nights,
To destunece with the divine light,
Then i asked for the blood of love and
Washes me with unripe auroras, autumns
To wash the wings of temptation with rain,
With mouths and hungry rainbows with
White fire of the mysteries of the dried whites
Of the soul, with the green coolness
And embrace of the tree branches,
Then I can die under the hungry star
Watching my renaissance hurt.


TRANDAFIR SÎMPETRU, sa născut la 19 aprilie 1962 în comuna jirlâu,județul brăila. Este președinte al  uniunii mondiale a poeților din românia . Director al editurii liryc graph romania director al platformelor de literatură,artă și poezie ,,grai românesc,, director arhiva literară-românia. I appoint the poet and writer "trandafir simpetru" for merits toward the world union of poets "great honorary member of the world union of poets" (1st manager of the world union of poets - 1st assistant of the international director of the w.u.p. - 17° level on 25 of the world union of poets) - three silver stars surrounded by gold on the rainbow of peace of the world union of poets. Signed: "knight of merit of the italian republic (for poetry) silvano bortolazzi (poet and writer) - honorary member of the italian national association of knightly orders - honorary poet of the olympic city of sestriere - proposed in five occasion to the nobel prize in literature - proposed in one occasion to the nobel peace prize - founder president and world president of the "world union of poets" and of the "world games of poetry". Others titles: author of the poem, title, of the winning work of the 5° international festival of the moscow art portrait (central palace of moscow artists) – world icon of peace (international prize for peace of nigeria) - world icon of leadership (international prize of nigeria) - titles of the historical association of un peacekeepers in brazil: paladin of peace, fighter hero of peace, citizen of peace - doctor honoris cause of education for peace (institute for education for peace - brazil) - order of merit of institute for education for peace (brazil) - perpetual defender of peace between races, peoples, tribes and nations (institute for education for peace - brazil) - "laureate poet" and "sociocultural benefactor" (titles of the insitute julio ribeiro cortez for education and culture - brazil) - ambassador of peace culture in venezuela (global preach peace foundation - pakistan) - "hero of humanity" (go kurative africa - goka - organization for promoting ghana's national heritage) - honor to the merit (cercle universel des ambassadeurs de la paix, francia e svizzera - paraguay) - world literary personality of the year (asha ebook publication - india) - honorary president of the "world nation wirters'union - kazakhstan" - world laureate in literature 2017 (world nations' writers'union - kazakhstan) - the voice of peace award 2018 (institute for education for peace - brazil - turin city international book fair 2018 - kimerik publishing house - literary recognition for promotion of culture through literary work.

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