Saturday, September 1, 2018




Many souls are aching as hearts are failing
To feel their sufferings

Lips keep distorting what brains are thinking
Fragrance is lacking

Feelings aren't missing but hearts are faking
Resorting to trimming

More souls are aching, for salvation looking
Trying to settle a meaning

In what is appearing to be the prevailing
Significance of feeling
Romancing souls are roaming above the universe
Rehearsing for roles in a romance

Passed by our flowers and smelled every rose
With no odor satisfying their nose

More souls are singing above the universe
Looking for a place

Where love prospers naturally not by force
Waiting to find this place

Let romancing souls sing above the universe
Where love songs are bliss not a curse
All rights reserved 2018


Darkness around me was prevailing
In my selfishness I was sinking
My soul was almost drowning
I saw a light glistening
As a drop of morning dew
Alleviating my pains that grew
Inside me as an ax that violently hew
Amidst the wreckage of my soul
Something brought salvation into view
When I first started knowing you
Divine love was slowly spreading
Along my heart and body too
Giving me wings with which I flew
In your space and breathed air anew
That moonlit night
When my eyes slept
While I was relaxing
Under a bay tree
My body was there lying
My soul was set free
I was slumber and wide-awake
I felt the bliss of seeing the supreme light
All my cells were in a shake
As a mountain in an earthquake
My soul was oozing kindness
Charity, altruism and righteousness
To immerse my body with bliss
The following morning
The sun was shining light
And I was shining bliss.
All rights reserved 2018


When you're alone with no fellow around
Looking for a partner to soothe the sorrow
You keep suffering from whenever you're let down
You can walk in the dark and talk to a star
It will let the reassurance inside you grow
By communicating its companionship with a glimpse
Telling that you are a piece in a puzzle named universe
Tied together with a spiritual strength
When you're lost and thirsty in the hot dry desert
You feel the fresh breeze whispering with insistence
That many plants and flowers may grow in a desert
Worshiping to help a bird feed and heat a nestling
Sacrificing their lives to disown materialist strength
And make the world believe in the spiritual strength
That the Almighty created the creatures to compromise
To bring together disoriented pieces in the puzzled universe.

All rights reserved 2018

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