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By the Grace of God
I have a friend and a foe
The former pulls me ahead,
The latter pushes me back,
Do you see how they fight?

It seems as if
To me my friend is my foe
He forbids me endlessly to do forbidden things,
His acts are as harsh as my father did,
But my foe favours me
By always being by my side.

As soon as I show interest,
In doing something though forbidden,
He says to me, “Do whatever you wish
And as you like”.
He incites me to consume my lust on forbidden things,
I feel so excited and say to myself,
“I shall go ahead though I die”.

As soon as the deed is done,
And I get out of influence of my friend,
I find my soul broken
I find my foe sitting, brooding,
Worried beside me.

In the end it is revealed,
In fact my foe is my friend,
And my friend is my foe,
My foe makes fun of me
And always messes up my mind,
But my friend makes me cry in regret,
And leads me on right path.


I’m at home,
But my dreams are far away
No, no, I cannot reach the space yet
I'm eager to find keys of the world
If I find I shall never lose them.

I’m at home,
But my perception is travelling afar
I am looking for but it keeps me cheating
It is very fast and I am too slow
I am really engrossed,
Not knowing what to do.

I’m at home,
But my desire, in the sky
I have found where my belongings were lost,
Now I am at the door,
I have found keys of the world
The door will open, I hope
I shall get the lost belongings soon,
Peace and Love.


Half naked trees seem very tired
Devastated bank of river is still quiet
A man is suffering
From the severe cold wind of loneliness
Only a dog chases him.

He yells as if he has lost something,
The poor men across and over the bridge
Roaring, cars are running
With the rich owners of Mercedes and opals.

Beside the iron lattice
They have caught the hooks,
Some of them cuddled
They are lovers of chit-chat
Hugging one another with burning desires.

This love is so strange,
One may feel horny if a lady is hot
At the night long or day long,
One may forget everything but love.

A lady who is wearing a mini skirt
Has just passed by me,
But without heeding to my poor soul.
What can I do?
The autumn is too long
It is better, I should go back home
With unfulfilled desire and without any regret.


Love leads to a decent life,
I long for you love
And the longing seems unending,
The passion deepens itself more and more
Into my heart,
Now I am not in myself anymore,
Indeed, there is no mystery
Bigger and deeper than love.

Do you love me too?
I know you love me,
But I need confession from your tongue,
It satisfies my impatient soul.
I wish to build up a kingdom,
I a king and you a queen,
We shall build a castle of love
Where inside will flow the rills of ambrosia
And we shall have the drink frequently
To perpetuate our love,
I shall see glints of your eyes,
You will be my pivot, I shall rotate around you,
So my love will remain ever young.
We shall kiss and caress at the starry nights
And sometime under the full moon,
But at present I need your confession,
Tell me please, do you love me too?


I am trying, to do something
Out of nothing
I wander and wander
Run and hide all times
For the sake of my survival.

I'm sorry, you are not here
By my side, in the odds of life,
My son!
You would have supported me,
Yes, I know, I'm sad,
‘I am more sinned against than sinning’
My plight is miserable, hard to believe in,
And I hope
You will understand me on someday.

Let me suffer alone,
I don’t want you to put in,
Cheer up, cheer up, I have travelled a lot
And lost my heart in the journey,
On the winding road,
Now I am surprised to see ahead anew world
With new challenges, new fears and new odds, 
I get grieved more when I see
The people sitting as if nothing has happened.
My son!
You will understand on some day, if not now,
When you will sort assortment of my sorrows.


When May comes
We forget thousands of sorrows
Heavenly feelings begin to spring up,
Beauty of paradise spreads around.

Rains pour down like blessings
Flowers blossom in light of the sun,
The lambs runs around
The springs gurgle cool water.

The day shine like mirror
Mushrooms grow up
All around on the patches of land,
The sun warms the mountain rocks
And coastal cliffs,
The tulips cover slopes of the hills
God transforms the world into paradise,
In the green coating He reveals to the wise.


My mother often said: "I gave birth to you early in the morning of January in thick frost".

I waited for long, for a bright morn to come,
The morn when I was born.
God! Please covey my hello to my mom,
On behalf of me,
After all, she resides close to You
In the world You meant for the dear ones,
And say, her memories still are fresh,
In my mind, heart and soul,
I always feel her soft touch wherever I go
As I felt in her arms while she sang lullabies,
Hugging me close to her heart. 

Nostalgia makes me perturbed,
It is my natal day, but my soul is restless,
I recall and remember her memories,
Please convey her my greetings and say,
“Your son always pleads Me to endear you,
Begs to forgive you for your all flaws”.

God! Please, fondle gently
Your fingers through my mother's hair.
Today I am afar from her but You are very near,
And plead You to stay beside her toady,
Reliving, consoling all pain of her soul.
Bestow upon her Your own mercy and cool light,
Wrap her in Your blissful bounties,
Till her souls grows content and gratified.


KAIRAT DUISSENOV PARMAN (Кайрат Дуйсенов, Қайрат Дүйсен-Парман), President and founder of WNWU Kairat Duissenov PARMAN (Кайрат Дуйсенов) is a poet, composer, translator, essayist, Songwriter, journalist and public figure. He is also the founder and president of the World Nations Writers' Union in Kazakhstan (Qazaqstan). He is a member Of Seemed (A Copyright Society of Kazakhstan), the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the International Union of Writers ("Beybіtshіlіk alemi - Planet of the Peace"), member in the World Union of Poetry in Italy, member in the World Society of Poets in Greece and the International Writers Association IWA BOGDANI (Belgium). In 2016, he was promoted Professor of Humanities and was awarded a medal by the United Nations (for serving his community), he was also made an Ambassador of Peace Mission. "AMBASSADOR IN THE WORLD OF THE WORLD UNION OF POETS (CO-GENERAL DIRECTOR OF THE WORLD UNION OF POETS). Dr. Kairat Duissenov Parman had a "Silver Medal for culture of the World Parliament of Literature (W.U.P.)". AWARD OF 'WORLD ICON OF PEACE' and AMBASSADOR OF W.I.P. FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD W.I.P. INSTITUTE (Nigeria), Go Kurative Africa - GOKA of the for the high award of the continent of Africa 'HERO OF HUMANITY'. He was awarded of the KIBATEK 42 Poetry Festival in Cappadocia, Turkey (2017), He also awarded Certificate of Justice and Peace Ambassador of The British Empire Country of Britannia Micronation He was also awarded ‘BOGDANI’ a prize by International Writers Association IWA on 27 November, 2017. Some of his poems have been translated into English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese, Bengal and Azeri languages. Kairat was born on 7th January, in 1964, at a village called Kokibel, Kazygurt District, in South region Kazakhstan. His Poems have been published in many world anthologies. Author of four books: “Tugan jer ystyq bәrіnen” (Native Land warmer all), “Serpin – Impulse”, "Qalam, qalam" and "O! Pen" (English language). He worked as chairman of the International Union of Writers Association "Beybіtshіlіk alemi - Planet of the Peace”, from 2010-2014. He was made Director of a publishing house named "Halyqaralyq zhazushylar odagy", in 2011. He has been also a chief editor of the site, since 2011. On September 18, 2014, he was appointed the President of the World Nation Writers Union and the Chief Editor of World Nations Writers’ Unions Web-sites and

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