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In my revelation
The harp of the goddess of lyrics
Persists in playing
I sing....!

In the beginning was my beloved
And the spirit of God was moving
Upon the face of waters....

My beloved is a godly mermaid of almond and olive
With legendary colors…
She descended from heavens unto my waters..

I bathe her in the brine of my tears.
Subtle in her long braids
Floating in my spirit and singing to me
She intermingles her essence with my burning desires,
Lights the candle of my verse with nectar and passion...

Oh, my beloved, how far I am from you
But I am nearer to death!

I am withered like old clouds
Grievous like a violet rose plunged in ice
And life is but an old, ill man
Thus, I am still waiting...!

Life here bears a resemblance to death
The eyelashes of the room enclose me
As a lamp in the ark wherein fire warms not the sepulcher
Thus, I am still waiting...!

Am I truly alive..?
Or, is there life living in death?
My wait dances with me, my fears flatter me
And I am still waiting...

I stroll...
I stroll with my ennui, with a spirit enshrouded in mist,
Whilst a sea is rising straight up to the shores of my soul,
And the water soaking the stones of the bleed....

In your voice is the murmur of fabled water
Whispering to the sands and stones,
What will come forth, and that will go into a dream,
An eminent dream that will live in concert
And leave with autumn winds.

You appear in the sky saying, Bless this pain,
The pain indwelling in the depths,
Glittering apparently in the spirit
Like a frozen pond in winter.

It echoes like sighs coming from a distant flute
Filling the air with melodies...

Melodies which are chanted by gods
Who cry and moan with the sad tune.
They pray, and call,
"O Allah, who is he who makes souls cry..?"

You have come!
You made out of me a lover
In time where I forgot
That love is like a rain
When pouring on a dead land, It revives it
O my soul’s desire

Save me!
I have detested the ruins of my soul
And in the lack of mud
I am drowning...

Baptize me!
Your tears are so warm
They can redeem my sins

Love me!
And that would be enough…!


He who loves the fragrance of earth will become a warrior
He who loves the woman’s femininity will becomes a poet
He who loves God will be become a sage and a saint…!

My life is scattered in the demise
Besieged by the call of death
Drowned in flood of dream of sacred love
That has not come yet…!

Naked, while I am chained by the chains of alienation
The gloomy eagle is savoring deliciously my liver
And my eyes are sipping the covetousness of dream
The desire to see her presence…

For the marvel of my silence in the springs of life
For the gasps of my sorrow from cracked bosom
The turtle pigeons of spirit suffer..

O grief carrying my shadow
You lean on the side of the poem’s sea
Its waters shiver
Running as a crying melody
It reminds you, my love, of my longing for you…

My tormented cry is in its isles
Winging freely between the scattered shadows
Upon the face of sky
Calling upon you from the sated forests with the haze
To return back to my bed…

A dream is turning me into an infant child
Revealing unto me a breast behind heavens
Suckling me the divine verses…

Thus I crawl on the roof of the Galaxy
An angel with crystalline wings
Looking at the magic mirror
I am not who I am
But a fragrance of her delicious breaths…!

A land enriching my blood with henna
Implants in me its trees
While its springs are moisturizing my skin
Quenching my heart with sweet memories ….

O my love...
Who am I…?
Actually, who are you…?

You are an endless secret of blaze of ode
It makes the lover sleepless
While I am a secret
From the surprise of the first fire…!

The transparency of the shadow of dream
Walks with all its charm on the roof of my fantasy
Carrying me to you
To chant for you the verses of love…

For you, my love,
The bird of Eden is cooing in divine joy
My poems
And heavens of yearning chirping the aches of my sorrows…

O you who stone the fantasy of my childhood
By the charm of breast
Torturing my butterflies
By their eagerness for the nectar of lips
Torturing my sparrows
By their flying between the twigs of limbs

I love you…!
I desire you
Trembles of the sea in my voice
Roar of thunder in my heart
Scented purple rain with dreams
Pouring in my soul angelic melodies…

You are the first miracle of creation
The desire of dream
The lust of rain
The heavenly revelation in my blood…

Who can save me from this divine madness
And turn me into a warrior ridding the horses of heavens
To purify my palace, my temple
From rats and wolves….?!


Rooted in the soul
The dream persists in perfecting its light
And landing on the cherry lips of my beloved…

Now, O ache of memories
I behold it stained with blood
Praying among the ascending fire and smoke
Ascending from the houses of the poor
From the flesh of children and mothers…

How hard life is when death lifts its scythe up
And dream is unable to sparkle
Falling unconsciously as a victim of futility
The futility of hate and greed...

O tragedy that is replete with elegies
O spirit that is crowned with blood
Has not the time come yet for my sorrow
To create a miracle for my dream….?

My brothers cast my beloved
In the gloomy depths of the well
And now
They want me either mute or dead….

I no longer have enough time left from my age
To heal the wounds of my sorrow
While I see the earth gathering the remains of its bones from the ashes..

No room for the neigh in the stable of tales!
Nor room for tears in the oasis of sorrow...!

For the drops of fire bleeding from your eyes
The dream prays
Emanating from the womb of the sacred suffering
A rebellious god and lover
And for the blistered dolls
The angels chirp…

You call upon me
I smell your blistered hands
As much as I desire
To garnish the odor of death with jasmine
And to lift your sorrow up to heavens…

Here I am
Reciting the epic of earth
Bestrewing the seeds of dream over the flesh of heavens
Thus the white and pure light kisses me
Coming from the springs of the inflamed love….

She creates a sun for my winter
A woman longing to meet me
Sipping all the sorrows of my exile
Turning me into a child running in the isles of dream …!


Under the poplar tree of water
Where the wind arches over it
An elegy of love contemplates its silence
Moves the dark wheels of night
And allows a star
Whose thought has the taste of salt
Longing to sink
And listening to the call of sea
To break its crystalline chains….

I behold it winding
A deep sound of shadows
Soon it sinks gradually… gradually
Vanishing into the depth of the sea…!

Your eyes make my dream sleepless
And praise their charm
Looking for me
Stimulating my replete grief with eagerness to sing…

Thus the thirsty time sparkles
And in the shrine of love
The earth performs its prayers…

Torn by transient ideas
By thirst and rain
I run towards you without interruption
Stepping on the roof of time
And with so much adversity
I descend delightfully to the sanctuary of ecstasy
Your sanctuary…!


The streets are no longer in their places
They infiltrate our balcony
Overlooking the Moon
Tattoo it with red lights…!

They prevent birds, the butterflies
The breaths of earth and heaven
From passing through
The shadow and tranquility  from growing
The emerald lace from expanding….

Two poplar trees are on the other bank of life
Revolting against the dust
Trying in vain to open the gates of long contemplation …

Morning is awakened terrified by harsh screaming
At its feet where ashes hatch
My song dies…!

Each one of us is in his own eternal exile
Isolating himself even from his own self
Sliding into the darkness of his depth
Uttering the ashes of old time
Stagnant in the memory…..

Every one of us runs toward his own whims
Lost in a race that never ends
We end up in the shelter of darkness and nihility….

We look for memories
Still glittering with a dim light
Coming from an unknown grave…

Through our eyes, the moon and night pass
A spectrum in the form of a dead man
In the coffin of mist...!
O My beloved on who ascends from the spirit of  my soil
From your own fragrance
Everything has turned into a dream
Haunted by a cloud of insanity
In vain
Trying to land at new harbors…..

Evening is a face among old faces
No one pays attention to it
Over its lashes where the birds suffocate
My song dies…!

O My beloved on who travels in my odes
Our words grow dim
Wandering in anxiety
Unable to praise the Lord
Suffering from sterility and drought…

Coagulate lips
Dream a lucid dream in a dead dream
Of the dew of kisses …

Night is saturated with fake lights
And on its body
Where the herd of stars leaves the grazing meadow
My song dies…

The wings of dream are breaking
Unable to wander in the heavens
We drink clamor and smoke
And our hungry eyes swallow the advertising posters….

This is how my song dies!
And the world dies….
Dies with it…!


You are the charm that matured with charm
The most luscious madness
The most desirable
And appealing for the soul…

In the sky of love
I fly to you a drunken angel
Kiss your scented mouth with god’s aroma..

Thus the crystalline spring blooms in my memory
Angelic odes drinking the light of dreams..

The sun is enthralled
Standing on its shadows
And the stars are silent
Sinking in the poetry lakes…

Everything twinkles in the soft heavens
Beauty, charm and love-
You my love -


Tonight, Habibti
I might be able to taste
The most luscious poem…

A storm of your glittering breaths
Strikes me
Letting all the leaves of hesitations fall
While the blue angel is running in the forest of my memory
Plucking the fruits of sorrow from its trees…

Love is getting naked for love
For poetry
For praying over the flesh of dream…

O fugitive love
Feeling from the pressure of vagrancy
Haste not nor run away !

I do not want this night to end
Till poetry pours out all its charm
In my chalice…!


On the wings of dream
The sweet twitting of your soul comes to me
From the depths of heavens
Carrying the odors of olive and orange
And the tales of lilac and incense
Moisturizing my longing with the flavor of reunion ...

Flower buds of love seasons
Are blooming in the paradise of ecstasy
My Fantasy
While the sky is sleeping in the garden of my heart
Dreaming an eternal dream
And from its magic breast
I sip the milk of myths …

Here I am surrendering myself to this glamorous dream
Defying the yelling of the poetry parrots
They drink darkness and demise
Swallowing grey ideas….

I breathe the aroma of unseen
Emanating from the gardens of the spirit
For my sake it gets naked before me….

Thus I see what it can not be seen!
Silence is a virgin nymph
Weaving the garments of the azure poetry
And From her breast
The secret water flows
Watering the priests of light and fire…

O poets,
Stay where you are ..!
I behold the sacred fire of poetry
Burning in the Spirit
Thus I go so that I may bring for you
From its charm a spark
Or find a way to eternity... !


On this earth
A complete and forgotten heaven
Greater than the sky that holds the twilight between her hands…

Every morning
She opens the windows of her desire to the birds of paradise
To fill the void with the melodies of love
Squeezing the incense of music from her watery breast
Not paying attention to the conflict of life and death...!

In the evening
She allows the butterfly of my heart to drink her heavenly nectar
Thus an invisible beam escapes from my words
Penetrating into the secret canopy
Where the monuments of creation perform their prayers
In the temple of water ...

O Heavens
Why does the blind fear the crying of thought
And the singing of the wound...?
Let me drink from the cup of transfiguration
The wine of inspiration drop by drop...

Inside of me that is intoxicated with charm
A soul is drenched by the tears of hymns
Around me, love wanders naked
Running between the breast and the flower
Searching for the water of the verses...!


I am the last poet
I tour alone in the gardens of unseen
With the invisible flower of fire
Chasing death
Yearning to bury darkness alive...

I breathe the sweet basil of your voice
Thus I expand a sky purifying all dreams
That plagued by the smoke of old visions
Freeing the kisses of light
And gathering the fragments of the burnt love ...

Before the grass grew on the earth
I was the verse
And the rain that waters it
And you were the poem...

Both of us are lost
I am roaming in the gardens of the unseen
While you are a blue butterfly flying in the unknown….

MUNIR MEZYED is a well-known international writer (poet, novelist, translator & essayist) who writes in both English and Arabic and his poems  have been published worldwide and translated to Romanian, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Danish, Greek, German , Portuguese, Serbian, Slovenian, Albanian, Indonesian, Persian, Hindi …etc. He studied in England and U.S.A, traveled all around the world and settled himself in Romania in 2005 where he found his freedom after he had left Jordan where his work was banned there as well as in Middle East due to his liberal thinking and his struggle for democracy and human rights.

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