Saturday, September 1, 2018




As I raise my head from sleep,
do I ponder what will keep?
Is it gold and jewels I need,
or just a smile and warmth so sweet?
As I go along my way,
what is the mark I leave to stay?
Did I leave love in my wake,
or wounds that hurt and things that break?
Let us see the soul inside,
so we don't ever need to hide,
a kindness and a deed of faith,
far outweighs the finest gold.
So let us walk our road today,
to leave behind naught that is cold.
To lay each night in bed with joy,
is far and wide our greatest toy,
sleep will be so clean and mild,
and our peace just like little child.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


When we look into a glass,
is it clear with a view so fair,
is it clean without a mark,
so light shines through even though it's dark.

When we look into a glass,
is there silver blocking our view,
like a mirror which we can't see through,
only our image staring back so blue.

As we live our lives each day,
make sure it's transparent in every way,
if we can't see through to where it leads,
stop right there for it may be a snare.

There's a simple rule to guide our path,
love one another and do can't go far wrong,
mistakes we will make unless we don't dare,
but it can be fixed if we really do care.

So go out and live,
and strive to be fair,
there's so much to do,
don't hide in your lair.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


Longing screams from the bottomless pit of the hole in my soul,
heart shattered and ripped and torn apart burning like a coal,
mind running circles through heavy dark clouds of doubt,
clawing and scratching, tormentingly fighting for a way out.

A light shines bright with love so warm,
I long to reach out but I'm stuck in a raging storm,
I don't know how, I am so terribly torn,
I know deep inside it's the place I was born.

I finally pray to the Lord above,
and He sends down for me a gentle dove,
to push all the obstacles out of the way,
smooth all the paths so I'll be okay.

MONICA MAARTENS: South African born, raised in Zambia where a deep love of nature was instilled, a passion and desire to save the beauty of the animal kingdom and to do that Zararia Yul (pen name) started working on the heart and soul of man, to make him aware of the balance of the earth, the sacredness and the need for man to cherish and protect what we have received for free....our glorious earth, by making him aware of the balance within his heart and soul.... MONICA MAARTENS

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