Saturday, September 1, 2018




My wife tried
All ways and means
to feed my my son
and finally
Handed over him to my mother

She tells him stories
While feeding
Makes him laugh
Shows all the birds
And vehicles on the road
Sings his favorite rhymes
Lo my son has
Finished his food.

My wife has to
Travel a long way
To be a Mother.


If I had a boon
which could bring back
things to its early glory
Hey Sarno
I would have used it
for you.


Be it the
Indian bread, Moroccan bread
Or the bread in Istanbul
They are source of food.

The Indian bread
Is different from Moroccan and Istanbul bread

Homemade bread is
A must for Moroccan lunch
Its made with water, salt
Rising agent and flour

Simit and Misir Ekmek
Are common Turkish breads.
The Indian bread is different from
Moroccan and Istanbul bread
Its  not merely a bread
Its an amalgamation of
Love and warmth.


Dr SANTOSH ALEX is a Trillingual Poet and India’s widely published Multilingual Translator. He has 33 books published in 3 Languages Viz English, Hindi and Malayalam. His books include Poetry, Criticism and Translations. He has two poetry collection in Malayalam, 2 poetry collections in Hindi and 1 poetry collection in English. His poems have been published in several National and International Anthologies. His poems have been widely translated and published in 25 Indian and Foreign languages viz Turkish, Kurdish, Slovak, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Moroccan Arabic, Italian, Serbian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Hungarian and Persian Language. His Academic book on Translation in Hindi is a part of Syllabus in Sankrith University, Kalady, Kerala and Pondichery University. He has won many awards which include National Award for Translation, Srijanlok Hindi Poetry Award, Thalashery Raghavan Memorial Malayalam poetry Award, Asian Admirable Achiever, Sahitya Ratna Puraskaar and Honourable Mention in Virtusa Poetry Award in Italy.

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