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Do not think that if I wanted the separation
kahbe destiny wrote us a separation.
Sayrılık malady that has come upon us
Enemies, not friends wrote gayrılık.

Would I want you here I was there
Asking hallarımı distressed dardayım
I stayed for erring conscience yard
I wrote to say that the curvature of...

From head to trouble Thin attack
You got it at my head tilting
It's called the Murad found
He wrote a small brain uğruluk


Go crazy heart bre
Does snow summer day
Age stainless grow old heart
Does lovers of shame


It's been years where,
Come, love, come real you.
Why do you make me higher,
Come, love, come real you.

It's been ages does not notice,
I look to call and ask.
Life ends expense does not stop,
Come, love, come real you.

Love illuminates ince wood,
Half of the grief is unbearable,
Did a small tree,
Come, love, come real you.
10/26/1999 kayseri


SABIT İNCE: Poet and writer..In 1954 he was born in the village of Gerce in the Kozaklı district of Nevşehir. In primary school, in secondary school Kozaklı, in lisesi in Kayseri Commercial High School. He graduated from Istanbul Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences in 1976. He worked in various positions in the private sector. He worked as an expert at Kayseri Regional Directorate of Soil Reform, Kayseri Regional Directorate of Soil Crops Office and Urfa Regional Directorate. In 1999 he retired from general management of a private company. Vizyon Foreign Trade Co. took part in the establishment and made the general directorate. Our Anatolia, Translator, and Turkey in the daily newspaper, where he worked as a reporter and intelligence chief. He wrote articles in Töre and Devlet magazines. Kayseri Poets Anthology published in Kayseri and Ozanlar published in Adana participated in the anthology of Güldeste poets. Erciyes, who is broadcasting in Kayseri, has made programs about literature on Elif and Başak TVs and local radio. He made a program about the folk lovers, our lovers. He joined these programs as a guest. Writings and poems were published at the corner of the New Kayseri, Kayseri Olay, Kayseri Anadolu News, Star News, Kayseri Gündem and Kayseri Hakimiyet newspaper İnce Staples published in Kayseri. His poems were published in magazines such as Gülpınar, Yesevi, Ozan, Bizim Kuşak, Kayseri Contemporary, Love Road, Ana, Erciyes, Cemen and Simav Anatolia. And after the joint poetry book Savrulduk with the same wind, the second poetry book Aşkın Ateşi was published in July 1996. Anatolian Syllables-2, Anatolian Syllables-3, Anatolian Syllables-4, Anatolian Syllables-5, Anasam Poetry Anthology-1, Anasam Poetry Anthology-2. He published poetry books in 2000 -2001. He was honored by Ozan magazine for his poetry and received third prize for his article and article in the magazine of Bizim Kuşak. She is interested in Turkish Folk Music as an amateur. There are more than 40 türküsü written and composed words in the style of lovers. He founded ANASAM (Profession Association of Anatolian Scientists and Literary Workers) in Kayseri and assumed the general presidenthip. He also served as president of the Nevşehirliler Association. He worked as a member of the Subcommittee on Intellectual and Artistic Works and the Specialization Commission on Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights. It is the director of the publication Anamas bulletin. He edited 45 books published by ANASAM Publications. He is married to Nurcan Hanım. His two sons, Mohammad and Cagri, are the father of a girl named Nazende.

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