Saturday, December 1, 2018




The room is empty
Its walls are frozen
Cobwebs filled the ceiling
Glacial is its floor
The windows are frosty

The room is voiceless
A freaking quietness peeps
Wherein alone I stand
Listening to my own echoes

The room is dark
Shadows of you trespassing
Spell bounding my eyes
On your movement;
From the bathroom to your study table
From the study table to the bed

The room is vacant
My heart desolates


If only I had walked the lonely path with you
If only I had held your hand to see you off
If only I had distracted you with stories of our past
May be, just maybe I would’ve revived your desire to stay
May be the door wouldn’t have closed completely behind you

If I had known…
I would’ve have listened to you in the first place
I wouldn’t have boarded the plane for a useless tour
I would’ve stayed back to comfort you with kisses
I would’ve instilled hope in you with my caring eyes
“Had I known?” always follows us in shameful skirts

I regret everything,
I regret covering you with a garment of doubts
I regret leaving you alone to face the chilling wind
Now, you’re in the cold night
Where my legs can’t reach
You’re in the cold night
With no twilight
You’re adorned with leaves
Your glow has faded

If only I had walked the lonely path with you
Your charming voice wouldn’t have been lost in the wind


By the river banks I sat,
Ruminating about our love
Does it still flow? Or
Will it flow smoothly and endlessly
Like the soft waves of this river?
By the river banks I sat,
Aloof from our roaring love

By the river banks I buried our love
To embrace nature’s calmness
And free my heart from hurt
That for years has broken me
That for years has put me in deep confusion
This love has been our war
By the river banks I signed a peace contract
To lose is a first step to winning


The clocks have tickled hours
Here I sit folding arms
Looking at a picture I’ve never seen
Smiling even when smile is gone
Just to give you the glow

I bounced on our hungry thoughts
Strolled on our promises
I saw the land lonely and dreadful
Your silence has brought darkness
In a room full of colours

I thought we could take the road again
Even after the tar was broken
For you said we could ride on
And I slept on your words

Should you put my heart on a thin line?
Should you let silence take way our voices?

Though far on the other end of the bench,
There was means of tying bonds.

The chain of closed eyes?
The quick pass and no smile?

I’m sitting on the coach you know
Waiting for news of your return.


NNANE NTUBE hails from Yaounde, Cameroon. She is a holder of a B.A in English and a B.A in Bilingual Studies (English and French) obtained from the University of Yaounde 1. She is a graduate from the Higher Teacher’s Training College - Yaounde 1 with a diploma in Bilingual Letters (English and French); she teaches French Language and Literature. Nnane is a Youth Envoy for Peace and Democracy whose love for change got her into writing. Though she writes stories, poetry is her favourite genre. She believes in using poetry to change lives thus the slogan, “Poetry4Change”. She is a member of the World Poetic Front for Defending Women’s Rights. Nnane is the president and founder of YOCEP (Youth Centre for Progress) that trains youths in the domain of artistry such writing, acting and singing out poems. She is a budding actress and script supervisor, a volunteer and an activist for change.

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