Tuesday, January 1, 2019




Being 75 years old
I begin a race against the time
Many people passed away at the young age
And many lived longer
Than they supposed to live
I have to do still many things
I may not yet put a dot
After my last word
Though nowadays we don’t use
Dot comma
And any other marks
Or only  very rarely
But I want to put the last dot
After my very last word
Many people tell me mockingly
You, old idiot want too much
Give place to others – is their order
But I met also some
Waiting for my finishing my own projects
For the dot
After my last word
Maybe they have to wait
Ten-twenty or more years
Or also it is possible suddenly that dot will appear

Thus there isn’t sense to wait
For the last word and the dot


You don’t have the right to migrate on the Earth
You must live and die where you were born
Many ministers tell
Though the Earth is the home of the Human beings
Which colour their skin is
In which languages they speak
An in which places they were born
Are only secondary questions
But many people learn this only
When aliens
Arrive onto to Earth
For occupying it
And for teaching the men to live in an intelligent mood
The men will understand only then
That the whole Earth belongs to them
And they may live where they like and want
But it wil be too late
Because the peoples with different colours of skin
With different languages and customs
Will kill each other
Before the aliens arrive
Who can’t understand
Why the Earth became a cemetery


I know I was a good husband never
I think often of the minute
when you’ll pass away
How can I live without you
I can’t imagine it
Every morning I look with fear
At your bed
Whether you are still there
Or in secret
You passed away


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