Friday, March 1, 2019


(Lara Ayvazyan)


Russian province

Not a corner.

There is a gloss of Eurasian

You will not find a hint.

The epochs change,

Traditions, centuries,

Province lives now

Without turmoil.

Although the road is known

From here to the capital,

But the rhythms are unhurried -

Other speeches, faces.

And the capital's cities

All are growing,

They change overseas

Update here and there.

Do not forget, proud,

There are places in Russia

Beauty is stored by will and nature.

Why you cannot help province

And partly to divide the wealth?

The province will give hundred times more,

And we all will live better!


You were born ugly...
A sign of fate or grief seal?
How to become a little happier
And suffer less because of your exterior?
You, pretty girls, “jump-jump beauty”,
In glossy magazines, in movies,
With the men at your feet!
But to you is given something more.
You do not appear, do not play,
Everyone see your mind and character.
Are you not beautiful? You do not care...
Everybody want to be with you!
Oh, why to torment your soul?
You cannot exchange your lucid mind for anything.
Being beautiful does not mean better,
Maybe the world can understand this!


LARISSA  I. AYVAZYAN: Born on September 21, 1955 in town of Borschev, the USSR, Russian, femail. As a singer appeared with concerts in Russia and abroad (the USA, Sweden, Bulgaria). Released 12 musical albums. Her songs are on the air at various Russian and foreign radio stations. Along with musical career has been writing poems. Her pieces of poetry were printed in internet poetry magazine “New Literature”. She is the Member of International Association of Writers and Artists (IWA). In Febrary, 2016 her new edition of poems “Age of Happiness” was brought out. In January, 2019 another edition of poems “Second wind” was published. Lara Ayvazyan has been appearing with her songs and poems at a number of stages of Moscow.

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