Friday, March 1, 2019




I often smile when I hear
To talk of love devotion
Eternal feelings
Languid eyes
Redness on the faces
And accelerated beats
Of the hearts
Both the young and the aged
Claim to be devotees
Or gallant servants
Love is not in words
But in deeds
words can vanish away
As the white slight snowflakes
At the early faint rays of sunlight
To be true it has to survive seasons
Hot and cold
See many sunsets
And new dawns arise
Overcome discomforts and hardships
Go through storms and
Climb mountains
And only then, Lucille
You can say
That love is real
@Maria Miraglia


Light my soul
like a petal of a white rose
suspended between the sky and sea
in the uncertain air
of the early morning

Distant the world noises
still sleeping the birds
the sea is calm
silent the winds
and me freely hovering
curious observe the dim colours
of dawn

The first lights of the day
shyly peeking
through the dark mantle of the night
draw imaginary sceneries
on the expanse of the blue
where like an old wanderer
a boat solitary goes

The silence a divine tune and
in the void full of the immensity
a part of it I feel to be
@ Maria Miraglia


You thought
you had learned to accept it
the pain
also because you can't refuse it
that comes suddenly
when you least expect it
to devastate you inside
break all those mental structures
that  you have built over the time
to defend yourself

You can't see it
but  feel it
like blades
tearing those threads
that like a spider's web
you have woven
and with difficulty
over time

You say I know life by now
you feel prepared
to go through new storms
that are there
ready to surprise you again
to make you feel inadequate
to think you have to start over
all over again
to understand
to accept


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