Friday, March 1, 2019




How I would like to be a stone to not feel!
How I would like to be a stone to not feel!
How I would like to be a bird to fly and not see you go by!
How I would like to pluck this love that I feel for you!
How I would like to hide it at the bottom of the sea!

How I would like to freeze,
this passion that burns me for you!
This volcano that turns against me;
this feeling that I can not turn off.

Without permission, one day you entered my heart,
you threw ties of love and
You clothed my heart
you imprisoned him,
you made it yours
You took it.

Give me back my life
give me my heart back
I ask you, I ask you please ...

How would you like to erase the birds of the past
as I wish I had been only a mirage in your life,
a soft wind, in the holes of your skin.

How I wish,
not to love you with madness,
to move away as a feather, as a cloud.
Forget in another port,
But I can not.
I can not,
do not.
Edith Elvira Colqui Rojas-Perú-All rights reserved


How many colors does life have!
How much variety!
How many funds!
In all there are full experiences,
on sunny days and in shadowy days.

Life in its colors,
in black, white, red, blue ...
you have to know how to touch them, take them,
reverse them in our favor;
guide them to our happiness.

Always see the glass
half full
and not half empty.
Be positive,
that helps us, gives hope and joy,
and the petals of life opens before us
in its best colors.

Each day is different than another,
every day has its color,
if you do not like the color of this day,
change you, color

I like the colors of life
in all I learn, in all there are lights,
in all, full life explodes,
all an open book,
everyone, house of wisdom.

Life happens soon
as a field flower
that is green today
and tomorrow he dies.
I hope we leave,
savoring your best colors,
living full,
learning to live in white and black,
collecting experiences,
and leaving the world
fruits of good color.
Edith Elvira Colqui Rojas - Perú- all rights reserved


Today I am crucified, beloved,
to your kisses, to your shadow, not to think about you.
Today I crucify myself, to love you,
to see you and to dream
I crucify my wishes,
I'm not going to take you between my furs anymore.
The pain, the pain today forces me to crucify myself
to not look at you, not to feel you!

I crucify myself,
to your laughter, to your cries,
To love you so much!

I wear the sharpest nails in my chest,
So that your memory will never rise again!
I crucify myself at last to miss you, so much, But so much!

Only crucified can I stop loving you!
Only martyred, stop thinking!

We will celebrate the death of our love,
in the valleys of oblivion,
Conjugates we will cry, in the last sprout of memories.
And by mutual agreement,
we will crucify the two.
Author Edith Elvira Colqui Rojas-Perú-Copyright (safe creative)


EDITH ELVIRA COLQUI ROJAS is a Peruvian poet, writer and anchorwoman, born in Lima, Peru. She has studied Language and Literature at the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega University, completed studies as a lawyer at San Martin de Porres University. It integrates selected Poetry groups such as: Unión Hispa Mundial de Escritores, Venezuelan Society of International Art, Parnassus, Shared Verses, Tierra de Poetas, MundoPoesíaEspaña, CreatividadInternacional, on Google and en Facebook in hundreds of poetic groups where he receives many outstanding diplomas for her literary poetic works. She is currently radio presenter Magic España, administrator of groups and pages of Poetry on Facebook and moderator at the Global Literary Society. Dominates the poetry in all its genres Gothic, social, children, romantic, classic poetry with metrics, Japanese poetry (haiku, senryu, choka, Somonka, etc) She also writes short stories and micro stories.

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  1. Muchas gracias querido portal de poesía por valorar mi creación poética literaria. Dios bendiga sus vidas y esta hermosa casa de fraternidad literaria.