Friday, March 1, 2019




Flowery garden, what a beautiful lanscape you start painting.
For each correct action of the righteous men you have a flower.
Colorful charms that are the sum of the love you've been creating.
Heavenly roots, those that came with their muse, bringing the power.

There comes the spring, with it, the greatest things flowers desire.
Drowning their hope was like hitting a rock, for thousand reasons.
Keeping the love of the pacific dove was test of fire.
Victory and peace! What's more glorious than these expected seasons?

Fasten your stems, flowers, shine like the gems, remember heaven.
Your days enjoy, full of sunshines and joy, your deserved treasure.
The night just passed, feel the dawn and surpass your fears times seven.
The times had come, hear the sounds of the drums, rejoice in pleasure!
(c)Copyright 2019
J.A.V.D.  Texas, USA


Wonderful streams directly from above,
those golden springs emerging from the core,
which carve inside your precious gem of love,
projecting out the wished cease of war.

Pave now your inner path by being peace!
Change your reality, come on, rebirth!
No need to fight outside, so stop that please,
being worthy inside projects your perfect earth!

This quantum universe just has it all,
waiting for you just to deserve your crown.
Rise up your frequency, surpass your wall,
you'll see how war just begins to fade down.

The golden times arrived, extend your wings!
Fly thru your inner sky, enjoy what brings!
(c)Copyright 2019
J.A.V.D.  Texas USA



Oh precious life, my gratitude to you.
You have embraced me since my first heartbeat.
You know me well, my joys and grey days too,
you're sure that essence that makes me complete!

The days I walked thru you in adolescence,
I thought we were apart, ocean and boat.
Later, I woke and knew we are one essence,
since then, I started being a life devote.

What can be greater than where life exists?
If, life embraces all the universe?..
From quantum particles to galaxies,
therefore, is life who writes thru me each verse.

Divine presence, from high dimensions, brings
the grace to those who recognize these things!
(c) Copyright 2018
J.A.V.D.  Texas USA


I feel two timelines just merged inside my universe.
I can feel the transfer to magical land,
where my best version has overcome the adverse,
so, to my world I gladly extend my hand.

What's more precious than to embrace this existence?
Trusting every step to our higher being?
It's in acts of faith that there appears the excellence,
not intellectual, I'm talking greater things.

Very high in those dimensions it's called future,
from where love is being projected just down here,
let's go, thankfully, just walk thru this adventure,
where by resonance the wonders must appear!
(c) Copyright 2018
J.A.V.D.  Texas USA


JUAN ANTONIO VAZQUEZ DELGADILLO is a bilingual writer, poet and song writer, born in the northeastern city in México, H. Matamoros, Tamaulipas, on 1979. Actually with residence in the southern city of Brownsville in the State of Texas U.S.A. Although publicly, with a short career in social media, he is a writer and poet of a lifetime. From a neutral stance, he works hard and altruistically sharing consciential poetry, advocating for peace, gratitude and acceptance of people with respect to life. Bearing in mind that everything that happens abroad, is a reflection of the internal condition of each person, also that without interior peace there is no exterior peace, and that nothing that happens to the human being is alien to the universal laws themselves. Awarded World Icon Of Peace in 2019 by the World Institute for Peace in Nigeria and Ambassador of Peace by Mexico of the same institute (WiP) Writer in verse and prose, mainly in his native language Spanish and very often in English, his second language, his poetry is read in more than 280 cities in 41 countries around the world to this day.

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