Friday, March 1, 2019




More here in my chest left the love
I missed caresses, I lacked heat
For your disappointment that made me see that you silently loved another woman
In my orchards the roses bloomed
In my roses sprouted spikes of wheat that united forever my great love and you cruel Oblivion
how the rosebush joins the fields of wheat that, although never naturally united, will never be friends
He left the love to pay my sentence
I cried my dream
And you, in the arms of that other lover
He left the love to feel in my soul the dark rain
Oh how much I cried in my silence with my heart full of love and pain but with my hands completely empty
Maybe all of a sudden my sin was to love you how you love rain and infinity
And if suddenly one day you will remember my name I would like to tell you that in the arms of another man
I still need you.


I learned to drink my gray hair how the cursed water
of youth I thirst that never, never takes off
I learned that old age is the cruelest punishment
I saw the dawn cry, I saw the wheat wither
Oh how much I remember my porcelain skin, it was so smooth at night, it turned into dry furrows like the desert one morning
I learned from so many dreams of my beautiful youth that I fly as life flies ...
The brightness of my eyes was extinguished by his eternal farewell
I learned to watch the time pass that little by little stole my days
Because to my youth, He loved her too.
I learned that there are things that come and go like the wind
I learned that there are things like my youth that last a moment
I learned that from my youth I did not own either, he left although I did not want to
Then I learned, yes, I learned to be Young forever in my dreams
Until the day I die.


Naturally I know that the day will come when the Hands of the Poet sleep in silence forever.
But the wind, If the wind declares to the stars and to the Moon my Poems.
Oh the weather, loneliness and daydreams accompany me in my sad afternoons and dark rainy nights
And the roses, if my roses, They will lose their color My red roses, they will flare by the silence of my silent Hands.
No, the roses of my soul will never die
from them buds of Poesías turned into jasmine to decorate and perfume the black hair and the silent hands of the Poet Floriselda of Cuba and Holguín.
Tell me what I say to my cobbled streets that silently cry with roses when they see my sad face, they will suddenly know that you took their scent and my afternoons of joy, and so without joy I will continue living in the dark solitude of my soul writing with sadness is Poesia.
Oh my loves, my roses and my fields of wheat, Oh the rain, if my rain, my sky, my stars and my silent Hands spread their fragrance with the scent of jasmine, roses and lilies
If my hands bloom in the wind sprouting spikes of poems that wake up my nights and my days, if they wake up to the rivers, the seas and the mountains to feel the song of the birds and the mockingbirds singing my Poems.
And so telling you these beautiful verses will the voice of the poet's hands be silent forever, and quietly understand the universe that the world's Koranzon
will live forever remembering my Verses.


FLORISELDA CAMEJO HERNÁNDEZ, Born on October 10, 1967 in the City of Holguín, Cuba. She finished her elementary, secondary and pre-university studies. Graduated by, The provincial committee of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba and its subsidiary of Art Make-up and Artistic hairdressing. Floriselda currently lives in the United States of America. Floriselda is passionate about Reading Poetry and Loving God and Humanity, She has her own group of Poets and writers "CUBA POESÍA" She has collaborated in the anthology "CUBA POÉTICA".

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  1. poignant write dear poet, wish you more success, congratulations.