Friday, March 1, 2019




The key of life arrives at twenty one,
before that day children need to have fun,
they must be protected from all abuse,
kept pure and true without any excuse.

They may not be touched in sexual ways,
their eyes must be pure for all their days,
they may not be lured into crime or shame,
exposed to violence or any any such game.

Teachers and parents need to form a shield,
always protect them above any greed,
preachers and elders need to keep an eye,
forever watching as children go by.

No one should drag a child into the dark,
no one should lure a child into a park,
a child is a child, a sacred being,
always in view by one who is seeing.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


Trembling children bite back their tears,
threatened and scared by many fears,
far too young they're ripped by the wars,
purposely broken for darkened chores.

Children are bred for the numbers,
then used for violence that thunders,
they never even stood a chance,
to a masters tune they must dance.

They're forced to obey and bow down,
they may not speak or even frown,
they are beaten into submission,
suffer with deep dark oppression.

They're trained to do evil and wrong,
held prisoner by chains so strong,
told it's for the nations glory,
yet it kills their own life story.

Used and abused then cast aside,
no hope with which they may abide,
mere objects to be played around,
and in the end they go to ground.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


If I were the wind
I'd whisper secrets in your ear,
lift the ocean and bring it near,
dry from your eye every tear.

If I were the wind
I'd caress your hair,
gently stroke your heart so fair,
blow away all your deep despair.

If I were the wind
I'd carry you up high,
teach you how to rise and fly,
show you treasures money can't buy.

But...I'm not the wind,
I'm only words that are written,
hoping you'll hear and become totally smitten,
so I can whisk you away with love that's bitten.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


MONICA MAARTENS: The poetess feels very deeply about those who cannot protect themselves, children, the elderly and animals that rely upon the mercy and kindness of a fellow being. For any of these, or any human being to feel trapped and helpless, is a sin and crime against humanity and should never be tolerated. It is shameful for the powerful and strong to oppress and intimidate any person or animal smaller and weaker than they are......a shameful crime....

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  1. Bellos poema scomprometidos con nuetros niños querida amiga poeta MONICA MAARTENS