Friday, March 1, 2019




Squeezing fizzing stars
floating Florentine
dashing silhouette
wishes from above
eyes of morn
came a thunder
curves of swirls
yesterday’s vibrations
flavors burst against her skin'
frothing with unidentified wonders
the wooden arts float on by
as she plays the violin
as the angels sing~
The stars from heaven
tiptoes as the violin plays
testing’s the strings
the heavens open up
and the angels do a dance
a song so gentle
makes you want to drop where you stand~
The angels cried that night
God bowed His head
the music was so soft
we all nod our heads
while the night is still young
and the fire slowly burns
then the wind comes so strong
and it calls out her name
she looks up and says
thank you for your love
Merry you and me this Starry night~
Brooke Dylan ©


Aura crisp notes of love
Pluck sweet sulky notes
Pulsating from cords
in hungry strains of heavens
blue haze
sensual dreams
glistening stars from above
harmony upon hearts
trembling blaze
dancing in vibrant dancing
rhapsody of love's sapphire
painted on a canvas of love~
In the stillness of you
As you find me in your dreams~
Your words roam so far so long
I close my eyes
I see your smile
within my chambers, I long
while your words tuck me in your
The smell of fresh words
wilting oh so near
I promise I will listen
your words are so precious
please don't let life tear you away~
Your words fold me in your arms
kiss my bareness of soft quivering clay
with the glow of your warmth amazes my soul~
In the stillness of you
Of me
Our lives
Our amazing love
Here I am in the stillness of us~
Brooke Dylan ©


It’s been a while
so glad I am back among friends~
Oh, what a friend you have been to me
so brave and protective for all to see
but so curious and playful
running to and fro
being so helpful
you are full of praise
keeping those hurtful at bay'
we can sing and shout
hallelujah, and wow without a doubt
all can say!
I sing you a melody
my story has only begun
so I will keep dancing
life has only just begun~

I am here
So are you
Let’s rock the melodies
Sing our story, our hearts
And praise~


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