Friday, March 1, 2019




Life is not a comma
Life is not a full stop
Life is not a question mark
Even life is not an exclaimatory sign only

If life is addition or deletion
You must keep
Balancing it like
'Is equal to' signs
To get equal opportunities,
parity n rights

Utilise 'inverted comma'
To title your virtues
Underscore your respect
To emphsis your Importance n values
In the Constallation or
In the spectrum hues

Don't put your life in bracket
Put your dreams in your pocket
Hash tag your happy moments to rocket

Be aware of repercussions of aspartame
At the rate of maximum percentage of fame
Multiply your relations & aim
Don't add fuel to the flame
Subtract your name from shame

Highlight your friendship
On concrete base
On the keyboard of life
Enter to make your own space
© Neha Bhandarkar


Nector, Nector, Ambrosia sweet
Evil will run away in a night
Hear, hear sweet melodies of skies
Ah, how happy are everyone's lives

Vivaciously I see and realize
In everyone's bright eyes
Love, pleasure and smiles
Are significantly shines
Soothing the lives better n fine

Born to survive and
Hate for these futile five
Anger, jealousy, illiteracy, injustice n lie...
Never lose your courage
Dare to fly up above the rainy sky
Always fight for your freedom of sigh
Respect for differences among you n
Keep your expectations high
A rising sun of IMMORTAL happiness
Remain behind, even after you die


My life is a Brooke
Without any straight
My life is a book
Hiding many words and secrets
My life is a reservoir
Quenching thy thirst
My life is a mirror
Without hiding any error, just
My life is a mirage
Or say a Sea without tide
My life is a blend of fear and courage
Or something like a string without kite
Indeed,  a  heart without a sigh
Alas.... Never overfly in the Sky
© By Neha Bhandarkar


NEHA BHANDARKAR is a trilingual author who has authored and published 9 books. She is a multiple award winner and has won many state level and national level awards including Maharashtra Rajya Hindi Sahitya Academy Award 2017. Her articles and poems have been published in national and international Journals & newspapers and also have been translated in to many different languages. Stories and poems penned by her are broadcasted on All India Radio several times.

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