Friday, March 1, 2019




An immigrant bird headed to the south many times
And came back in Spring to the same place
That bird was supplied with GPS since the birth
of the universe
I wonder Who supplied him with that sophisticated application
Man who has invented it just last few years
Or the Great Creator
There is no clash
He is the One... The lonely one
You praise him and i beg him
And sometimes the vice versa
There is no clash


Music within my soul
Is the best melody
The lyrics in my head
Are still unsaid
The flower of my heart
Hadn't grown in the wild
The breathtaking landscapes seen in my eyes
No artist dared to paint them
Still hidden beyond the mountains
Covered by dark clouds
Till now.....
No vision fallen on them
Mysteries.... mysteries
What to tell you dear audience
At the dawn it happens
I melt with the universe
I become a fairy
Journeying with an antelope
~~I can see~~
I can see the perfection of creation
I can see all the miracles
In a wildflower

I can see the whole universe
The earth, the moon and the stars
In the sands

I can see all the existing beauties
The dawn, The sunshine and the rain
In the dewdrops

I can touch the untouchable
For instance
Time that flows
Before now and after

I can be in different places
Somewhere beyond the horizon
Nowhere up the clouds
I can touch the mirage
If you wonder how

My soul folks
My soul is a soaring   bird
My soul has long arms
My soul is  a long shore
Where wild horses galloping
And a little girl sitting there
Waiting for the baby bird
To reborn


Who is sitting on the crescent of the moon
Your world is different from mine
It's easy for you to look down and smile
While it's hard for me to raise my head for a long time
Please don't disturb me
I am the daughter of the farmer
Who sowed the fields
And it's the season of the harvest
Many hard works are waiting
And my villagers are joining me
I have to pick the olives from the tree
You the observer...
I don't expect you
To come down, to join us
To give a hand, To sing with us
The song of togetherness
Nor I can climb the ladders
You are so high
The moon is your world
And earth is my land
After all...
I prefer my warm cottage
Bread and olives at breakfast


AZIZA DAHOUH is an Algerian poetess .She is fond of reading and writing poetry in English, Arabic and French. Her poetry appeared in many interesting international anthologies like: Verses On Racism And Resistance Refugee Crisis, Women Beyond And Within The Shore, Autumn, Poetic Rainbow, Mother, Earth Day, Father and September..She has her own page on Atunis. She loves traveling. She saw many amazing places in the world and yearning to see more.

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