Saturday, June 1, 2019




Take time to listen to your heart ...
And when all seems to have ended, when not life
get more to give any demonstration that everything will change, will improve, choose for yourself the change you want to see.
Because not everything is all the time only fantasy.
Because even the best smiles last long enough.
Not the warmest hugs are significant for ever.
It remains, then, to know that in difficult times, by the time that day if you night we can and should flourish ...
Blossom into a new story, a new life.
Blooming new dreams and feed new goals for the next days, months and years.
Flourish a new image of ourselves.
Blooming new hope.
It remains to understand that we are not strong all the time, and we are not made for eternity. But we are, at heart, a bit of a happiness that is fed every day, built minute after minute, a walk that allows us the best moments we could imagine.
And the certainty that even in the darkest night, the most confusing day, we can learn to flourish, not a ...
But over and over again ....


I believe in my heart that everything in this life is renewed.
All resumes.
Everything is reborn, everything progresses.
I believe in days of peace.
And that happiness happens when we put in
in favor of the good in everything and everyone.
The joys are stronger than the tiredness.
The dream defeat fear.
That beauty break the darkness.
And well want to untie each knot of difficulty to squeeze in the ways ...
Everything to be taken as a lesson.
And the most important is faith ...
That sheds light on the whole misunderstanding.
Anointing poetry with the beginning and end of each day.
The smallness and charms.
In both of us, we left the road.
In both we welcome the soul nest.
In so many smiles, consoling the weeping.
We sow in our hearts the sweet memories.
Perfuming hopes.
As long hug and tender affection.
In every dream that turns flower seed


There are numerous possibilities within us!
Having a dream is just a window that is up to each opening.
Dreaming, after all, you can still ...
The greatest love in the world
Oh, I have the greatest love the world!
And this is not my privilege, is each of us.
The greatest love in the world is one that makes our heart flutter and up
cry from time to time!
He is extraordinarily unique and wonderful and transforms any rainy and dreary day in the most beautiful moonlit night.
Oh ... and the brightest stars in the universe!
The world's love leaves us well with child's soul, adolescent way just discovered life or adult who has lost a bit of judgment ...
It opens wide the doors of the heart and leaves us at the mercy of everything.
It's so big it hurts, which comes to get the sleep or reason.
So glad that returns laughter.
The world's love is so great as to be incomparable,
so unique that it's individual.
It is one that lasts long enough to be remembered for the rest of his life,
even when there is no one "what" that thrilled each
the fibers of our hearts ...


SANDRA REGINA VIANA is a Psychologist ( Clinical and Educational )and a teacher Portuguese Language and Brazilian Literature. For the last 30 years,she has been teaching children of elementary and hight school teens and is also an Educator and Guide for Children with Special Needs

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