Saturday, June 1, 2019




You don't know
How long can be
The moment
Of loneliness
While I wait for
Your only word
Drawing in
Your silence

You have no idea
Of thousands of
Little drops
Of shivering sadness
When you are
Far away
Still sitting
By my side

You cannot imagine
How deep can be
The sound of
My longing
For your smile
You don't even
Look at me
Lost in your world

So, better go
And when you
Discover that tinny
Missing something
That was love
Do not return
Offering me your
Empty regrets


I see my mom
In my eyes
The light of love
And care
Always with me
So I dare
To face the wind
And snow
I have a courage
And she
Knows how

I feel my dad
In my smile
The stream
Of life
Even if sometimes
It can hurt like
Sharply knife
Or so easy
As sun light
No sorrow
No fight

In my face
There are both
Or each of tham
Has their place
So strong
They are in me
Built my cells
By their own
Unique bond
So they will
Never be gone
I already passed
Their stream
To my own son


Two heads that
Trust each other
Four eyes that
Look in the
Same direction
Open hearts
For secrets
Open hands
To help
To cherish
To share
Two worlds that
Each other
Universe at

Big burdens
To bear
Sincere loyalty
To swear
So many stories
To share
Too many ideas
To dare
The same path
To walk
So many troubles
To talk
Coffe or tea
To drink
The same thounghts
To think
Never to feel
Hours and hours on
So strong is this
When that one you


ZANA COVEN ( Zanka - Zana Boskovic Coven ) was born in Sarajevo, ex Yugoslavia , now Bosnia Hercegovina. She grew up and studied in her home city and graduated in English language and literature. She moved to Belgrade for further studies and than to Salamanca (Spain) and Milano (Italy). She worked as a translator, pedagogist, cultural mediator, coordinator od multicultural projects. She is also a painter and writer. Married and mother of grown up son. Writing poetry from school days till now she started to public her works only recently. She writes poetry in several languages and dialects but also short stories and travel books and diaries. She published her first poetry book " Zaboravljena u stihu"  (  "Forgotten in verses") 2017, in Croatian, " Lo dico alla Luna"  ( " I will tell it to the moon ) 2018 in Italian and " Entre sol y sombra"  ( " Between  the sun and the shadow") 2018 in Spanish. Her second book of poetry " Jedna Ljubav  ( "One love") in Croatian language, is in print right now. Her poetry is in many anthologies, almanacs, poetry magazines and other publications.Het poetry " Children of the war" is in Antology of world poetry and the same poetry won the second prize in International competition " Città di Galateo " in Italy. She recently won a first prize in Haiku category in European Championship of poetry in Romania. Working and living with her family between Milano and Barcelona.

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