Saturday, June 1, 2019




I write of Love
As if I were it
I dream of Love
As if I would cease to exist
Without it
I feed on Love
As if it were the breath that I needed
To keep on going!

Seeing how bent I was towards Love
Life itself appeared in front of me
In the guise of a king
Who told me
To choose between fame and Love!

How stupid, said I to Life
How stupid of you,
To think that you would be able
To have me forsake Love!

Don't you realize that I have seen through your acts
Don't you realize that I have been awakened
That I simply know of how false you are
Of how you misguide souls
And of how you end up with a blank wall
Having souls going round and round in a vicious circle
Being unable to free themselves from your grip?

Of course, I choose Love
As it has been given to me by the skies,
Yes, it has been decried among the Gods
That my body is to submit to his
That my soul is to merge into his
That my whole essence
Should be like that of a Goddess totally devoted to her God!

Go away, Life,
Let me follow the guidance bestowed to me by the Gods,
Let me be!
Doing so,
I know, I shall free not only myself from your maze,
But Love shall be so too
We shall be there where the human mind
Is too tight to even conceive of its grandeur!


I tackle Life,
As I have been tackling it since I dawned
As a player
Seated in front of a gaming console!

I tackle it
Without ever allowing myself
To lose
Knowing that I won't have a second chance
I tackle it,
As I know that watching over me
Are the merciful eyes of the skies!

I know that I shall outpace bullets
I know that I shall be sheltered
Till the time comes for me to leave its maze
I know that my path has been chosen
By some higher power
Mysterious and subtle!

I tackle Life
As would a fairy
Lost in a dream
A dream being so like a game
Of hide and seek
Between herself and her lover!

I tackle Life
With the sensitivity of a frail heart
Knowing that in return
It shall give to me,
The keys to open its mystical gates!


I write to you
With an anticipating heart!

I write to you
With an open mind also
Knowing that
Your choice remains yours!

I write to you
Wanting to show you
The grandeur of your own essence
There, in that world
From which we both fell
Merely for the sake of our passionate story!

I write to you,
Wanting to engrave in you
The urgent need for you to hold my hand
In yours, forever,
As such remains the only way
For us
To be granted forgiveness
And to be allowed back there!

I wish I had enough power
To show you all that I have seen
I know then,
You would not have hesitated
To have me seated in the comfort
Of your heart
For as long as Existence would allow us to!

I shall write as long as I can
I shall hope as long my heart would allow me to
I shall yearn as long as my strength would allow me to
I shall die for you should you wish it be so
I shall bloom for you should you choose to have it so!

Pray, heed me,
Believe in the faith which binds us
Love the past that makes us
Trust in the future which awaits us
And allow us
To happen!


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