Saturday, June 1, 2019




If the world was one big home
Hosting all races and creeds
If sharing was our constitution
If love ,tolerance and humility
Were the amendments to follow
If self-denial was our currency
Then we'd all understand Humanity
If we admired every creature
And treat it with respect
If we valued our surrounding
And gave it a pinch of care
If we appreciate what the creator granted us
Then we would have no defect !

If we applied what we preach
If each took the role of the governor and the governed
If each wore the gown of responsibility
And behaved with modesty
Far from selfishness ,far from greed
If we thought as one ,preaching good and honesty

Then we'd get rid of evil and chase calamities
And what is better we would be human beings
Gigi Mejri @copyright January 2019


With each dawn
The morning would stretch and yawn
Witnessing dark depart ,announcing a new start
Each day is special
It signs the contract of a new promise
Bargains for hope renewal and makes a compromise

Good luck may hide round the corner
Waiting for your passage
To declare the surprise and with joy make you rise !
You may find the dream ,for long ,you hoped to fulfill
You may meet the awaited love or stumble over the impossible

Each day is a new start from sunrise to sunset
And wonders in between weaving such a lovely scene
Inviting you to hold the torch of the new start
And dance on the melody of good luck
Gigi Mejri @copyright February 2019


Between beaker and test tube I spend my days
Analysing your components in different ways
When I say liquid you solidify
When I say solid you liquefy
What an enigma !
You evaporate when I feel you reachable
You fly when I think you attainable
What an enigma !
An experiment with no result and I cry
I taste you
Sometimes sweet ,luscious and ethereal
Sometimes bitter ,salty and surreal
What an enigma !
And I dream an Alchemist to be
Unveil your secret and find your recipe
You expand ,you shrink ,you dance
On the tunes of the flow and ebb
I break my tools for I am entangled in your web
And surrender to the law of love !
Gigi Mejri @February 2019


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