Saturday, June 1, 2019




I want my poetry to be a melody
asking hearts to dance
I want my poetry to be as a moon shining with hope in each glance

I want my poetry to invade hearts peacefully
not using words as swords to kill the  feelings fiercely

I want my poetry to exist in hearts as a sacred faith
building bridges of love not hate

I want my poetry to irrigate the thirsty souls
opening windows for new goals


I'm the scream of silence
Under the shades of patience
Oh... Sir!
I'm an orphaned poem
Adopted by the power of time
Oh... Sir!
I'm a smile on dead lips
Kissing the edge of life's glass
For sipping a drop of hope
The reader
Of my silent ashes
Come closer to me
And take out from my eyelashes
the tears of lostness
Listen to the noisy sighs of patience
In the depth of my chest
I'm the destiny's poem
So read me
From that deep silence
I hid
To embrace the loud noise
of my heart
I looked at the sky of destiny
I found the stars combined
And I’ m sitting alone
The sad sights of my soul
disperse me
I'm blaming the destiny
and they are blaming me


I'm the seed of love
I'm the power of forgiveness
I'm the eyes of mercy
I'm the secret of survival
They call me : Humanity

Whatever I tried whith human beings
They couldn't bring me happiness
With each one , I've story
Some were buried by hands of misery
The others were flourished within glory
I'm standing alone trying to survive
asking myself
Should I live one or two lives
one for loneliness and the other for crowd
I'm humanity..
I'm the seed of love
so why they sow me in the soil of hate
why they irrigate my heart with blood
I'm the power of forgiveness
why they weaken me with  harshness
I'm the eyes of mercy
why they cover me  with rudeness
I'm the secret of survival
why they consider me as nothingness.


NASSIRA NEZZAR, A writer from Guelma –Algeria- She was an English language teacher at the university of May 8th 1945 Guelma for 8 years and a teacher at The National Institute For Vocational Training...She adores writing since young age. Nassira Nezzar has a published work, a book entitled: FAMILIAR STRANGERS , which is a collaboration work with the American author Rob McBride. It’s dedicated to all who believe possible the impossible. She participated in different international anthologies, Love is like air-USA-, The Other Side Of The Screen-Poland-, Women Poets -within and beyond shore Vol 1-2 &3-India-, Whispers of Soflay, Verses on Racism, Resistance and Refugee Crisis –India-, Metafora Współczesności –Poland-Thousand poems to the peace and happiness of humanity –Chile- , Family -Chile-, Antholgy of Contemporary world poetry –Belgium-and participation in an international anthology against Racism.-Love Postcards ..Nassira Nezzar has been awarded from Lebanon and Morocco as an ambassador of peace, she has a membership certificate from Nigeria as peace ambassador, She also got the World Laureate in Literature from WNWU. Nassira Nezzar has poems on her  Youtube channe . She wrote and recited different poems in different languages: Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish. Her website:


  1. great write,work of a great wordsmith. wish you more success.

    1. Asoke Kumar Mitra@ thank you so much my wonderful friend/great poet for your endless support to me. It's really so kind of you