Saturday, June 1, 2019




... the night that you told me you loved me;
... the mornings in which you rest near me and whisper to me that you love me;
... your arms that surround me and give me the impression that time has stopped;
... your humming around the house that's just a grunt;
... your big hand, holding on to mine;
... your fingers, gently stroking my skin;
... the plans you make for us every minute;
... our contradictions ended with a kiss;
... all words whispered to my ear and those uttered only in thought;
... the fact that I can be who I am, without hiding;
... the way you look at me when you think I'm not looking at you;
... that you are more orderly than me;
... the kiss on my forehead;
... to tell me "I miss you" after a long day away;
... that we can sit in the same room without heavy silence disturb us.
© Corina Savu 2019


Fly to the sea
and float on a ray of sunshine.
Talk with my thoughts
and not count the days.
Dance in the rain
and write with purple on the sheet.
To paint in colors
the white on the sidewalks.
To have my soul full
and my heart clear.
Love a flower
and to follow a voice.
To float on a cloud,
never die.
© Corina Savu 2019


We met once, before time
Two dolls, of inferior rank
Looking naked and longing,
Both broken, both buried in forgotten.

Captive in time, between two moments,
Among so many shards and sharp corners,
Following the echo of lying voices
Who tickles the ears like a hissing snake.

Two dolls tied with twine
With the knotted veins of love
With opal hearts hidden in a feeling,
Treasures buried in the deep.

With blue sapphire eyes,
With her butterfly wing dress
Spark lit in the night, bevy’s.
Today she's just a dream, and he's a memory.
© Corina Savu 2019


SAVU ELENA-CORINA: Born in October, Plopeni, Romania. The first published paper is titled Functions of law. Her passion for writing materializes with the advent of the novel plucked „Aripi smulse” („TornWings”) a novel in two volumes appeared in 2016, published by Smart Publishing. In 2016, her work „Cuplul, în căutarea paradisului pierdut” („The couple, in search of the lost paradise”) is included in the anthology of the same name, published by Karta Graphic. In 2016 appears her work „Lumi adiacente” („Connecting Worlds”), included in the anthology Jurnal de călătorie (Logbook) and in 2017 her work „The tears of nature” appeared in the international anthology Nature 2016. The best award in her career was a 3th place in international anthology Nature 2018. Also, participations in creative-writing workshops.

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