Saturday, June 1, 2019




I reclaim and repurpose
Most things
I have or I find
Like rocks and  small pebbles
I find on the road
The white pearly ones
With the brightest of shines
The smallest and largest of shells
I find on the shore
On the banks of sweet rivers
In the greenest of meadows
Where I play with my dreams
I put them in pots
Near the water spill
It splashes and gushes
The water so clear
There the birds and bees
Gather to drink
While the morning coffee
Simmers waiting to be poured
I sit here to wonder
What else I can make
The tin cans
I use to make noisemakers
That swing in the breeze
The relaxing sounds
Leads my mind to dream
The large and small cans
Of metal and plastic
Cans of coffee, detergent
And all I consume
I use them
For cuttings, and seedlings
And water cans too,
I store all my treasures
Like pennies and buttons
And beads that I use
I store screws and nails
And strings
Some I use for vases
Without painting
Just wrap twine or colorful ribbon
A piece of blue denim
From worn out blue jeans
The Wild West seen
In my favorite things
I use rocks and old limbs
To lighten fruit loads
Old belts, rope and telephone wire
To keep them from leaning
So close to the ground
And   newspapers   line
All the beds that I have
They cut down on the weeds
While  moisture  they keep
Decomposing,   as we speak
I store the rain water
In buckets and pails
Containers that hold 30 gallons
Or more
From which I can water
My plants , birds and bees
The scraps from the kitchen
And vegetable skins
The rinds and the peelings
Of all that I eat
I use all for compost
Year round as I cook
No need to add chemicals
To bring to fruition
I find all come to bloom
In just the right ratio
It’s a shame we treat all
Like disposable matter
Not thinking tomorrow
We’ll regret all we’ve squandered
Even the seniors
Are discarded, as if
They’ve   no purpose at all
Left alone, to wonder
What all they could do?
While your gaze you’re distracting
From the eyes of the old
The landfills get bigger
And bigger yet, still
With a toss out the window
Your  killing  us all
With your trash and your filth
The Oceans and Air
Gasp for a breather
But your trash and your money
Grows  nothing   at all
© Juanita García Vera
All Rights Reserved   06/24/2018 JGV


Life flies on the wings of Butterflies
And blooms in the thoughts of dreamers
It springs in the song of Mockingbirds
And sprints on  the  legs  of children
It crawls, on the  days  of  Autumn
And   leaves   in the dead of Winter
© Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights Reserved JGV 2018


Drawn   you
In so many places
In the white fluffy clouds
The letters of you
That linger so near
But run ever far
In the white sandy beaches
With the shells and sweet time
 In the sweet fertile Earth
With a shovel and Hurt 
And like all great stories
That were chiseled  in stone
I’ve shed blood to bone
And yet can’t perfect
The image of you
No grand gladiator
Or King, even prince
But in mind you exist
A Marvel of treasures
That shine in my heart
A treasure of memories
That fly  through my mind
I’ve drawn the conclusion
That the pain silent easies
While I’m shedding to pieces
As I   travel through time  
© Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights Reserved   JGV 2019


We are not from here or there
From the North or South
The East or West
Not from Rhode Island,
New York, Boston, California
Or any other points along the road
We are not citizens of America,
Africa, Spain, Germany
Or any other continent known
We are citizens of Heaven
That is our home
We are here but a moment in time
Since our birth and are yet
To arrive back home
We bought nothing with us
And will return with nothing
Born naked, hungry,
In need of love
Known only to God
Just another citizen of Heaven
On a task to complete
A purpose to serve
Love to give
With struggles to endure
Changed like a butterfly
Leaving behind all claims
Of patriotism, wealth or position
We leave as we came
Alone and hungry to learn
What  lies ahead  ?
Not a mystery,
By faith we walk
You and  I
Forever free
Our Flag is Peace and Love
Our Allegiance  only to God,  all Mighty
That makes us stronger
Than any barrier or wall
Man can ever build
Forever reigns the Kingdom the God
HE made Heaven for everyone
©Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights Reserved ... JGV 2019


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