Saturday, June 1, 2019




Who will deliver love
into dungeons of darkness?
Who will take love
into fires of hell?
Who has the vision
to see through the deeds?
Who has the mission
to fill all mans needs?

Gods' Holy Spirit
took on the form of man,
born from a woman
live and die to destroy our ban,
a pure white dove
descended from heaven,
as a very clear sign
to the seven and eleven.

Nailed to a cross
to release this Spirit,
so we may receive it
to break through human limit,
may it come to reside
within your heart,
will you become one
who this love will impart?
Zararia Yul©Copyright


Spiritual Depravity Deficiency Syndrome,
has serious consequences in family and home,
entering in without our awareness,
we're trapped in a game of loss and bareness.

Many different spiritual forces in operation,
cause serious trouble within a situation,
some is implanted through wrong education,
leading us along the paths of destruction.

Minds are conditioned through visual stimulation,
slowly but surely it ends in degradation,
morals are eroded little by little,
leaving us broken and rather brittle.

Forces of darkness use emotional blackmail,
making us feel all useless and frail,
our thoughts are sullied by mind control,
as evil and wickedness go on the roll.

We have to feed our spiritual senses,
to find the way through worldly messes,
morals and virtues have to be built and nurtured,
or we will forever be tormented and tortured.
Zararia Yul©Copyright


With open arms
I await your arrival,
I've got to have you
for my survival,
with longing passion
I desire your embrace,
to richly enfold me
within your loving grace,
please come to me
without further delay,
rock my soul
out of the mire and clay,
lift me high
upon solid ground,
let me bask
in your delightful sound,
come joy, come,
I'm so ready for you,
to pluck me from
my depression so blue,
here I am
take me boots and all,
let laughter weave happiness
into my lonely call.
Zararia Yul©Copyright


ZARARIA YUL has now seven poem and three short story books published with Amazon books. She also has many poems published in various Anthologies. Within her poems she wishes to convey a message, a moral, an insight into the deeper emotions and meanings of life and love and understanding, making life a little easier, by shining a light on the confusion and fears we all have.

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