Saturday, June 1, 2019




On a beautiful summer day,
I rose early before the dawn.
The rising sun will light my way,
Time for me to be moving on.

Out on the lake, I am going,
Before the heat begins rising.
While a cool breeze is still blowing,
It always feels energizing.

A few high clouds are drifting by,
The sun reflects on the water.
Seeing such beauty makes me sigh,
While the day slowly gets hotter.

The boat begins gently rocking,
While I am casting my fishing poles.
I could swear the breeze is talking,
As if nature itself cajoles.

It’s heavenly on the water,
Letting time simply pass me by.
While my boat drifts in Stillwater,
Not a single cloud in the sky.

The beauty of a summer day,
Is a wonderful time of year.
Everyday life seems bright and gay,
For me, perfection is found here.
James F. Cunningham © 04.30.2019


A picture-perfect summer day,
The sun reflecting through the clouds.
There is loveliness on display,
Before the coming night enshrouds.

It’s like walking into a dream,
Nature’s beauty will serenade.
Close your eyes floating in the stream,
Enjoying nature on parade.

See lovely mountains standing tall,
Making beautiful reflections.
In the summer you see it all,
The beauty nears true perfection.

Natures foliage is bright and green,
While the river meanders through.
The air smells fresh and clean,
A special place God made for you.

The seasons are ever changing,
Each has a uniqueness to share.
The beauty is rearranging,
But for now, Summer is still there.
James F. Cunningham © 04.30.2019


Outside temperatures are soaring,
Summer heat is getting extreme.
Cool water would be restoring,
The asphalt has begun to steam.

She’s heading to the waterpark,
Maybe, she will spend the whole day.
If she can find a place to park,
In the cool water, she will stay.

Above her, the sun is shining,
Not even a cloud drifting by.
In the water, she’s reclining,
Looking up at the clear blue sky.

For her, it is a lazy day,
This is how she loves to relax.
All her troubles drifting away,
While cool water sprays on her back.

It always feels so, refreshing,
So, she enjoys it while she can.
Seems like everything is meshing,
Gets out to work on her suntan.
James F. Cunningham © 04.2019


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