Sunday, December 1, 2019





Aching feet difficult path, breathless becomes my heavy heart;
A quest unknown far and wide, just endless on my heavy heart.

Memories of roses – soft like feathers – touch and tickle me,
Memories of thorns – sharp like blades – slash my restless heavy heart.

Days and nights appear like apparition – white and black pigeons;
They perch on the weak, rusted bars of my helpless heart.

Endearments in the air, I hear- soft like sweet rain-drops whispers;
They evoke love amid soreness of my wistful heavy heart.

Where to find you, I know not – the faint echoes intensify;
Am I chasing the Ruby feelings – my helpless heavy heart?



Let’s bring back the smiles and tears of our bygone days;
My love, you tread on the dreams of my bygone days;

The moonlight through the window, merging silhouettes,
Silver purple silence we breathed in our bygone days!

A thousand ships sailed towards the sun; waves quivered;
Happiness leaped at our feet in our bygone days!

You and I hand in hand in a long long journey,
Have still preserved the essence of our bygone days!

At sunset we explore the beauty and wonder –
Remains with us the Ruby of our bygone days!



In a moonless midnight, your thoughts invade my mind,
familiar strangers create brainwaves in my mind.

Your memories I don’t have wish to create some;
They drop like stars into the landscape of my mind.

The cocoon of your thought’s weavings of memories;
Dispelling darkness, the deep canyons of my mind.

Stars in the stream; up above the soft milky way,
memories made- star-pearls shine and brighten my mind.

Your approach like Ruby streaks of a silver dawn-
Faint whispers, frenzied words, emanate from my mind.


Dr. RANJANA SHARAN SINHA: Former professor of English at S.B. City College, Nagpur(Maharashtra), India, Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha is a well-known contemporary voice in Indian Poetry in English.Her poems have been prescribed and  included in M.A.English CBCS syllabus.Honoured with a number of prestigious awards for her contribution to literature and the institution in which she worked: Best Poet Award, Poets International, Bangalore; Commendation from the former President of India, A.P.J.Abdul Kalam for her poem 'Mother Nature'; Rashtriya Pratibha Samman(Kavya Kalanidhi),Udaipur; Best Teacher Award, Nagpur Shikshan Mandal, Nagpur; Brijsahityamani Samman, Brijlok Kala-Sanskriti Academy, Agra; Hindi  Bhasha Bhushan, Shri Govind Hindi Seva Smiti, Muradabad; Best Citizens of India, International Publishing House, New Delhi; Chitransh Kulbhaskar Samman, Bilaspur; Felicitated at International Poetry Festival, Guntur. Dr. Sharan is an eminent author and literary critic,too.Her poems, short stories, articles and research papers have been featured widely in print and digital publications in reputed dailies,magazines,e-zines, web-zines, journals and archives.Poems published in more than15 highly acclaimed international/global antholigies. She has the privilege of getting her poems publushed in Sahitya Akademi's journal 'Indian Literature', New Delhi, the only oldest  government journal of its kind. Authored and published 07 books in different genres and 50 research papers covering different subjects and themes.The books are: 1.Spring Zone              ( A collection of poems and Haiku); 2. Midnight Sun (A collection of short stories); 3. Nature in the Poetry of William Wordsworth and SumitraNandan Pant (Criticism); 4. Feminism: Times and Tides (A historiographical and theoretical commemtary on Feminism); 5. Different Dimensions (A compilation of research papers); 6. Scents and Shadows (A collection of poems); 7. Rhymes for Children. Completed and published UGC-sponsored MRP on comparative literature. The subject of her thesis was"Sri Aurobindo and the epic tradition".Presented papers in a number of national as well as international conferences/seminars. Invited as resource person.Research supervisor, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur.Associated with many literary organizations and Poetry groups.Her poems have been translated into German, Persian, Albanian and Hindi languages.Dr. Sharan writes in Hindi, too. Lives in Nagpur; India.

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