Sunday, December 1, 2019




Submerged in pain
There was no way out
All my efforts went in vain.

Here and there
I searched for peace
But I found it nowhere.

Standing alone
Holding the window pane
Exhaled some breathe of pain
Again, and again.

Then all of a sudden
Someone knocked my door
The feel was pleasant.

Was feeling happy me
Heart and chocked brain,
Then it started to rain.


Lone evening, a cup of coffee
In the corner of balcony
I'm with me!

This is the time
I get for myself
Sometimes there is little regret
Sometimes a twilight of glee.

This is the time I excavate myself
Who am I
How much of me truth
Which part is a sweet lie?

It's not only about me
But also, about thee
A part of you is always there
What you want to be.

Whatever the reason,
Nowadays know not why
I search something there
Looking above the azure sky.

An Ode To A Poet

Outskirts of the city
In a dank and chilly room
Shoddy curtain rare allows sun-rays
To play into the room,

Scarcity, poverty, disdain
Appreciate each other -
No one is there to blame,
Only works a poetic brain.

Yes! There lives a poet
Often, he shuffles his hair
Guests and dear ones
Come to him rare.

He loves music and poetry
Some call it “unproductive activity "
It seems he has no other hobby!

He is never a beau
Rather indifferent to his attire
Often he is reason of naughty’s satire!

Middle of his room there is a bed
In the corner, a plastic table almost brown
May be once it was red.

Titmouse peeping here and there
In the dead dark night they say cheers!

Yes! Here lives a poet
Often his food stuff only bread,
But his thought never fade,

One day the world may call him great
But may it happen after his death?


SUMANA BHATTACHARJEE is a bilingual poetry writer from India. She born and brought up in city Kolkata in a family of teachers. She has always a keen interest in music, poetry and drama. She has done Master Degree in English literature and Hons in Bengali literature. Her poems have been published in many national and international anthologies, magazines and blogs. She is a published poetry writer and she loves every form of fine arts but she thinks poetry is the finest way to express one's thought. She wants to be knowns for her poetry and as a good human being as well.

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