Sunday, December 1, 2019



The Birth Of Sound

Silent dreams on the mountain slope
I pulled on my mother’s skirt
A voice rises from my brother
Like a folk song coming back from captivity

The rainbow takes place on my forehead
To the touching mornings
A flower blossomed on
The dead poet’s grave

I pushed away the sorrows
From my door
Like the deaths we can get used to
I bid farewell to the sorrows on my forehead

My eyes closed a prehistoric period
Sounds were born in the grievous mountains
Of my hearth

Hey! The Other

He woke from the amulet on my mother’s chest
To time, to days, to hours

A bird took flight to
Fall branches

His sorrowful hearth bleeds to the night
His fears are exiles
The atlas of loneliness written inside of his palms
Stone, soil, colour all alone

He fired the invaded coys
From the core of time
He released the sound
Of the song on the flower’s tongue
Hey! Other hey!

The amulet on my mother’s chest was sacred
A voice echoed to the whole universe
I came to circum ambulate

The Face Of My Mother

It was my motherland
That I saw in her wrinkles
Deep, steep but soft
One that feeds from sorrowful times

As she tries to hide her scars
she brings out her geography
She tells her problems silently
With her face shadowed sorrow

Her eyes are ready to rise
Like the sun behind the mountains
Maybe she turned within herself
To a hearth with deepness

The curves on her forehead sign to
The mountains, the creek beds, the plains
The soil promised to me
Like a field of flowers;
My mother’s face


MEHMET ATA YİĞİZ: He was born on 1976 in Hasankeyf/Batman .He finished his high school in Batman. He graduated from the Accaunting Faculty of Batman Üniversity He also finished the Faculty of Management of Anadolu ÜniversityHis first poetry book ‘’Soluğun Mesafesi’’ was published in 2017His second poetry book ‘’ Dilimdeki Kuşlar’’ was published in 2018One of the poems in the book ‘’Annemin Yüzü’’ won the Şair Raşit Kara Award in 2018His poems have been published in several literatüre magazines.He lives in İstanbul

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