Sunday, December 1, 2019




Might be
an accident
Or intended incident
We met…
Under the same roof
Only I could hear my heave
Loud echoes of my heart beat
Feeling a fast pulse speed
Warm blood gushing inside
Shimmering me to pink.
Thousand thunderous words
Sealed inside me
Pinching me to come outside
Lips wanted to remain stitched
Thoughts were playing hide and seek
blank mind pretended to stay tight
but eyes reflected the spark
voice fumbled while I speak
feet were in the grip of tremor
yet I preferred to remain as me
we met
no exchange of words
no exchange of eyes
only we exchanged fire with in us.

Positive Spirit

I attempted to fly with my broken wings
In the path,
disheartened at times
then move ahead without looking back
Some delightful moment spirited my move
Some distrustful moment twisted to scoop
Some awful events made me alert
Some remembrance was pleasure enough
Some friends taught me to live
Some wards preached me about the cliff
My psyche at times followed my heart
At times heart followed the sensitive tap
In spite of the tug of war
I believed in running in the track
With my tired limbs
With my killing fanaticism
With the spirit of positivism.

The Line

Impassively a line is stretched
Drawing simultaneously
Filling consequently
With pleasure deliberately
Dose of antipathy is evaporating
Slowly and randomly
the relation is shimmering
with the waves,
with the melting glaciers
with the compatible dew
With the concurring scenario
giving feather to the thoughts
to wander in various direction
the glow and warmth of daylight
the cool and tenderness of night
is enough to boost the line with delight.


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