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Point Of Reference

I walk up to a high point
My body and mind climb
to the holy rock
of the Acropolis
My imposing gaze
enjoys the surroundings
examining little by little
the great, historical
bright city of Athens

A beautiful rock
is shining
under the moonlight
The lovers are many
One summer evening
we climb attentively
the shiny rock
made rough
by the many Greek and foreign tourists
Getting to the top
is like conquering
the civilization of Greece

Immature Love

I was seeking for your lightning glance day and night
I fell in love with you and forgot my love for school!
My daily route

turned to a fixed orbit leading to you only
and when our eyes meet your look captures me and I paralyze!
I’m confused…!

I don’t know what to do or say...! I get delirious saying tales
to overcome my be wilderness. The moments with you
inspired hope to me

in the long road of love. My senses function,
my eyes talk before I even open them! My heartbeats
don’t let me talk!

Cloves fall from my hands and I rush home
longing for dawn! Expecting to meet love!

The Little Yard
Under The Acropolis

The baglama is having fun
flirting the bouzoukia
shy and little
it’s singing timidly.

The guitars and the dancers
surge in groups
along the stairs of Plaka
spreading joy
at every corner.

The perfume of good Greek coffee
is mixed with the narrow passages
Scattered girls
are sharing sweet hugs,
They take beautiful flowers
flirting invisible
heroes of the Acropolis
seeking for a medal of love.

The Fortress Of Inquiry

I wander along the alleys under the Acropolis
and I’m lost in the narrow streets of Plaka
The sound of syrtaki enchants me
A secret date is waiting for me
sitting on an ancient stone
one dreamy evening with a full moon
Together with her I rebuild the Acropolis
with my archaeological imagination
For me you are the metropolis
that everyone embraces.


IOANNIS KARAJOLI: Is a Greek poet, born in Syria on 09/01/1951 in Efrin city, north from Aleppo. His family is of Kurdish origin. He spent his early childhood in the city of Efrin where his father served as e Prefect. His mother, Amina Seicho, was a gifted and charismatic woman, with numerous artistic qualities. His father, Adnan Karajoli, was a writer- lawyer who fought for the rights of the beloved Syrian people. In the spring of 1955, the Karajoli family was relocated to Damascus, where they had previously resided. He had the opportunity to study in beautiful Romania, at the Bucharest Dentistry School and he finished his studies by acquiring the specialty of Orthodontist. After he completed his course of studies, he had the opportunity to visit Greece, after being invited by his Greek fellow students. Since then, 34 years of creative work have passed, delving in the area of orthodontics and literature. He is a founding member of a Greek association for Orthodontic study and research, with an Honorary distinction at the 9th Pan-Hellenic orthodontic congress (Athens 2006) He barely felt as a foreigner in Greece. He received the love of the Greek people and he still enjoys it, here in beautiful Thessaloniki, Macedonia. In the summer of 1985, the Muse bestowed her gift on the poet, thus he started writing his first verses. His first poetic collection was published in 2011 under the title “Colors of an Era “, from ALDE publishing. His second poetic collection was published in 2018 under the title “Hellenic speech, Light of the World “, and his third poetic collection under the title “The daughter of the North “, and his forth poetic edition under the title “ The Moon of the Orient “ and his last poetic collection under the title “ Love And Tenderness . He is a member of the Litterateurs Association of Northern Greece and of the cultural social institution “Amphictyonic League of Hellenism”. He received ‘Honorary Distinction’ at the 4th International Poetic Contest on “Hellenic speech, Light of the World” (Thessaloniki, May 3rd, 2014). He gave a lecture at the 3rd International Amphictyons Congress on : The History of Hellenic-Syrian Culture the took place at the French Institute of Thessaloniki (May 2014) , at the festival : Celebration of Multilingualism on :Language and Communication (Municipality of Thessaloniki, May 30th and 31st 2014) at the “1st Panhellenic Contest –Bequest of Nana Kontou 2010” by the Association of the Smyrnian people of Asia minor in northern Greece , with his poem titled “Smyrna” (Thessaloniki, November 20th 2010).

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