Sunday, December 1, 2019



Walk With Me

Walk with me by

The garden, please

The tulip’s eye

Ready to kiss my cheeks

Walk with me in

The valley of compassion

Always be kind

Ready to kiss your cheeks

Walk with me, lily

Lily it’s midnight

Watch the moon

Ready to kiss your cheeks

Walk with me, you

As a member of light

Feel the gracious glitters

Ready to jump with tenderness

Walk with me

Me the nature’s lover

This kind of love

Nourishing the earth

In Flames

In flames, all

Smoking spreading

Voices of voice lessness

On dreamless stage

Monotonous dance

Eyes in fire

Treacherous, ice-covered

Inharmonious steps

Pettiness chorus

Roses in flames

The traditional rain

Miraculous sprinkling breath

Lily’s magic, cheerful wind

In flames, birds in tears

So Endlessly

So endlessly

Screaming oh sky

A reason to dance

I love I love you

So endlessly

Catching her breath

A reason to sing

I love I love

So endlessly

Laughter visited

Her golden heart

I love you I love you

So endlessly

Book of life kisses

Unending wind

I love you I love you

So endlessly

Lovely rain again and

Again, blessed the cathedral

I love you I love You

So endlessly

More tears dripping

Her heart full of love

Oh I love you endlessly


JEAN C BERTRAND is the founder of Poetic Vision and Mystic Vision, as a student of the universe, always. Write about what he feels and. Follow the bliss. Publishing in Wild Fire Publications Magazine. Publishing in SIPAY Revue Litteraire Seychelloise. An International Literary Journal. Selected as best Poet/ Writer 2018. World Nations Writers’ Union. He has won countless honors and Awards across the globe.

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