Sunday, December 1, 2019



Timeless Poetry follows years
witnessing spiritual serenity
has left behind written wealth
poems, novels, friendship through out the globe
at the Everlasting Spring
place where deeds mark nobility
begins freshness of spirit, divine wealth
my dear friends
BEYOND present TIME authors are sitting on the throne of unending life ..

The Bohemian Poetry

... to art is allowed independence
submission, delivered is to fever
tempting is displayed to beauties of nature
language of the soul, surrounded to pleasure
nobility, subdued to oasis of friendship
at this very moment
phoenix feels rebirth of written words ...
... ah, VERSES, my life weakness
enjoys the miracle of life
continues to wander the literature corridors
within the shrinkage time
echo asks
do confess now, The Bohemian
what secret is hidden in lust
in ecstasy that challenges you
grudge, jealousy, medieval education, you do hate
tell us, you, The Bohemian
what is so magical
hidden in the trunk of the eternal LETTERS?


...lonely, on my own
quarrelling with time
I do not ask much
my silence, poems
necessarily, 'life' would like to read it again!

now, at this age
I do not have
while writing this
please, do understand me, I do not feel good!

... the old friendship forever is lost
they, yes yes, they
are pre-war friends
their deeds have disappointed me
on my skin sharpen their nails
I am helpless continuing confession
trying to smile, meditate
facing daily life
so much I would like virtue of sincerity to rule
I do not hate, nor disrespect human being
freedom of speech is embraced by me
conquering tolerance
with the simplicity I do boast.

they, nearby I do not want them
they are misusing justice
please tell them, welcomed they are not
neither on the table nor on my last trip
this blessing
I do have right to ask
Now, I am leaving
determined the last farewell I do not like to share with the culprit. ...


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