Sunday, December 1, 2019



To The Eye
Of The Mermaid

When my hair are entangled with your mind
I get lost in rainbow colors
and sounds,
which my soul converts into evening sonata,
a dance which never ends
swaying arms with the rustle of wind
feet which chase the agitation of the sea,
to the eye of the mermaid
and the waves touching softly the shore.
You come with sunset wings
hidden desires of the endless air
illuminating ribbons leaving tattoos in the body
I light my evenings up to flames
and you are burning to the cosmos,
like a lonely star.
the silver sight refracted to my horizon,
getting closer to the mystery
the love thirst,
drunk from the madness cup
and flowing to the veins of regeneration
to another embrace
of the earth and the sky,
the life elixir
felt in the awaiting lips.

Divine Embrace

When the light is fading … it kneels to the divine embrace
enwraps the extended trees,
the silk crepe
lowered to the ground
love whispers
passes to bare branches...
and leaves,
already lost,
with golden dream shoes
lonely benches
forgotten waltz …
it is the time of nymphs!
... hidden to the bareness of feelings,
under the blind gleam of the sun
is fragmented
dissolved to the waters of the spirit
and I,
Apollo fallen in love
in the bed of pale leaves,
drowned to senses...
in my Daphne – autumn,
I remain glamorous to the colors...


I am,
a part of the endless universe
a particle thrown to refracted parallels ,
of that world dressed with the color of light
and drowned back again to the dark memory,
with the meaning of the existence in the margins of life
the consciences coming from the unexpressed words,
from the inner part
of that vision which dresses me in blue,
of the creator who merged body and soul
with blessings from angels
towards the tracks of blood and the cross pain.
The flight ascending to its own ashes
in the forgotten bodies of gone legends
consecrated during the time of enormous agitation,
of the north sea
searching for eyes which dress the verdure
new spaces
of the end boundaries
wandering beyond the world
collapsing and uprising
with different steps
to the revived eternity.
New tops touch the heights
heart and mind
bended to the temple,
which constructs invisible bridges
the view towards the Almighty
and hands folded in praying
words which goes with the wind
and return back with seasons,
a fragment of continuity
born from the spirit of the sky;



JULJANA MEHMETI was born in the city of Durres, in Albania. Since she was a child she became fond about literature and writing, especially poetry, a genre that in the following years will turn into a real life motive, a way to better express her ideas, her thoughts, her visions and metaphysics , her point of view according to her consciousness but also improving the awareness of the same suggestion that surrounds the human world. The first book “Soft – Poems” published in Italian language attracted the attention of publishers and Italian literary criticism, not only for its particular style, but also for new words, the language used, the philosophical message and the currents present in her poems that go from Hermetism to Surrealism. The second book comes from the field of translation entitled “Vramendje” – (Rimugino “) of the Italian author Alessandro Ferrucci Marcucci Pinoli, which will constitute the first experience in this field, but will also strengthen his long-standing conviction, to know and translate in his language, many popular Italian authors.. The collection of poems “Oltrepassare” is her new book, which presents itself with the new tendencies of Albanian literature, postmodernism and universal consciousness, from experimental currents to absurdity. The last her book is “In his Light”
She currently lives and works in Ancona, Italy.

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