Sunday, December 1, 2019




In full glass of bitterness,
in defunct cigarette,
in hand full of salt
to the deep wounds,
in empty words,
all your cares fit in.

Packing pungent scents of morning,
packing waking up with you,
caring our time on my path away,
all these are not mine.

I leave you in limbo,
new mild winds that follow me,
I am covering my thoughts,
with a new beauty,
with my beauty.

Under the wings of butterflies,
that landing on my hands,
I paint faces of my loved ones,
folding my hands,
protecting by my wings,
all my children.

Longing For You

I cradle your silent soul
On my heart
Saying goodbye
To the past
My longing for you
Is burning
At the fireside of
Unfinished dreams

Love Is Eternity

I see the Sun is singing
In the heart of the new born boy
The moon is creating his dreams
And his Star is calling for writing

I see the Sky is spreading its wings
In the memory of the new born girl
The book of Light is in her tiny hands
She is whispering - Love is eternity


REMZA LAGARIJA was born in 1959 in Bastasi near city of Foca, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She finished high school in 1978 in city of Brcko, BiH. She studied at the Department of Sociology and Philosophy at University of Novi Sad from 1984 to 1988. She started writing poetry while attending elementary school. She published her first poetry book “Look into your dreams" in 2017.

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