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The Importance Of Nature
Love And Poetry!

Deep fascination for Nature, heart felt love and philosophic
Truth of poetry enhance the stature of one's personality...;
A person of such a stature certainly is for making remarkable
Achievement in the field of one's dream sure in the world...!

Nature is the beginning and end for all beings in the world;
Love learnt from Nature helps to have natural love of all
Humans, beautiful creative things and for the benefit of all;
The creative art of poetry inspires great ideas to live best!

Heart, mind and soul clear cut as well polished diamond will
Make one's life shine influencing all follow such a one as
A great model for development and advancement in world life;
Followers of such a model surely make this world a paradise!

Greatness of Nature, love and poetry lies in the influencing
Power that enhances one's capacity, capability and ability,
When one has deep faith in them from the very first day on in
The course of one's life ever increasing one's power to the end!

Which Is Your Aspect Of Life?

Of the aspects of life, emotional or intellectual or spiritual one
Each one would follow according to one's nature and desire ever;
According to knowledge and experience in life, each one improves
One's personality to follow the aspect of life one prefers also!

Emotional aspect is the natural gift of human fostering human sense;
Intellectual aspect is acquired on development of mind by ideas
Each one loves and pursues philosophically to know ultimate one;
Spiritual life is for the experienced and the final stage of one
To indulge in mystical pleasure to attain sure bliss in the absolute!

All are striving for the permanent rather than in temporary pleasure;
Making oneself prepared to follow the reliable aspect is each one's
Pursuit in the journey of life to settle finally to get fulfillment;
It is only time that can decide what is final for one in the world!

More than all, desire and aspiration drive one to the way one has to
Follow and attain fulfillment and reach the state of total liberation!

A Work Of Poetry Writing!

Unless points of poetry are put down on paper in sequence of ideas,
Complete picture of art ceases to exist both in mind and on paper;
In a lightning flash ideas strike the mind and disappear in darkness
Unless they are roughly sketched on the paper instantly for good!

With possible or available words, if ideas are not put down on paper,
The whole picture of matter visualized instantly disappear nowhere;
But if all ideas are expressed, the poetry will become a complete
Piece of art putting both the poet and the reader in surprise ever!

Like a sculpture each and every poem is carved out to the best in
A single attempt before the zeal and urge vanishes by the artist;
Concentrated work of writing sans any disturbance affecting one,
Poetry work is carried out every time with much attention nonstop!

Relief, satisfaction and fulfilment of heart, mind and soul come,
Only if the whole picture of poetry is painted in one attempt ever!

Power Of Humans!

Human beings are a bundle of emotion in the world life;
By feelings they know, understand, decide and do all;
Spinoza says knowledge is power to know God as it is
Gained by perception, conception, ideas and intuition!

Power of person lies in intellectual knowledge of truth;
Whatever things heard or whatever aspect of things are,
Truth is understood by intellectual thinking only ever;
Intuition develops by persons of intellectual thoughts!

Persons of such a capability or power are intellectuals,
Geniuses and mystics who have power to detect, assert
And predict from the things or information they know by
Knowledge, intelligence and intuition quite extraordinary!

Like instinct governs animals, emotion and intellect govern
Humans powered by intuition based on truth of knowledge!

Cosmopolitan Paradise In Village!

Village development on par with cities will become a perfect paradise
With the pastoral settings beautifully created with gardens and parks
Interspersed with small buildings with a lot of trees, flower plants,
Fountains and green pastures for all to visit with children playing!

This modern paradise developed in villages is a big contrast to the
Cities with pollution, too much population and terrific traffic noises;
Cosmopolitan life thriving on love and peace will certainly take all
To the paradise of Adam and Eve time to rejuvenate human spirit in full!

Material modern world will look as great farce before the cosmopolitan
Paradise in the rural parts of the world and will be a great dream come
True to fulfil the whole human needs to completion very much lacking in
The present city life sure making all desert it for the better in village!

Wonderful natural way of life could be possible for all to live as humans
Rather than as machine-men as in cities for completion in bliss for long!


T A RAMESH: Born on 28th August 1950, the Author after working as an industrialist in Sri Lakshminarayana Industries for 22 years, is occupied with writing poems and essays since 1989 and has become a Writer Publisher at Halo Papers, India publishing books from 1996 onwards; from 2005 he is occupied with publishing his poems and articles on internet; from 2005 on he has become a world website poetry writer. He has written about 120 English Books such as novel, short stories, non-fiction ones and poetry books. Achievement Awards: He is honoured with Best English Book Author Award by Sourashtra Community Welfare Chamber in 2005, elected as Poet of the Year 2010 for his fine philosophic poetry by the readers of , honoured as Best Writer in English with Sourashtrian Achievers Award  by BVK-SITCON committee at Madurai in 2013, also honoured with a prize of $250 for winning in Poetry Contest in September 2013. Anthologies and Videos: Further his poems are published in Poetry Anthologies like The Enchanting Verses International and Conifers Call magazine and Fiesta of Love (Songs of Loving Hearts) and his poems such as Colourful Flowers (2009) and Water of Life (2009) are released as Poetry Videos on and  He is also honoured with the publication of poems in Romanian language in 2014 in Geneza Visurilor, an Anthology of International Poetry. From 2015 on his poems are published in Our Poetry Archive for the promotion of world peace and unity against racism and terrorism and also from 2016 on his poems are published in Pentasi B World Friendship Poetry website!

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