Sunday, December 1, 2019




The sun warms more and more
Bitumen of asphalt is melting…
And somewhere in my memory pictures come alive:
Sunset in the shroud is so good in a crimson yellow color,
You won’t find miracles landscape.
Blushing Bougainvillea at the house with tiles,
And in my memory, I leaf through page by page.
Sandy beach is beaming white,
And you even understand
What is terrestrial paradise!
Kilimanjaro snows, flamingo, ocean –
Those days were not in vain like a pink fog!
In the starry sky the Southern Cross sparkles.
And you remember joyfully those fabulous places.
I would like to return back again to Africa
Like in my youth but everything is on schedule,
Life settles into our normal routine…
In a dream, I often see misty dawn.
And flying to the palm trees I say: “Jumbo”!

Adam And Eve

No, we do not coincide with you…
And in spite of feminism
Still thriving around the world
Male cave chauvinism.
Yes, the female spirit is invincible
Not a victim to easily undress
Let my body take hold of me,
But not with soul and heart.
“And you, gentle ones, cannot be broken
And woman is given to be strong.
All because she is the mother
No enduring violence”: -
So the woman sang, shaking
And hugging baby son
Expecting from her husband’s work beloved man.
From the creation of time
We live in a process of disagreement.
Adam is again subdued by Eve
Believe in happiness!

Necklace For The Soul

The beauty of oriental gems
Invigorates and pleases the eyes.
Having collected these stones in the box.
I have something to tell about them.
Here is jasper, playing with green,
The rarest kind of “sadness-longing” …
It helps to find happiness losses, troubles in spite of.
Adventuring, sparkling on the surface,
It inspires us carelessly.
Admiring the spark, looking for a long time,
Shrouded in mystery like a wizard.
Hear is messenger of the Middle East –
Afghan blue lapis azure
In the necklace is not alone, jade flickers next to him.
It’s good that in the decoration, I need heavenly lapis azure.
And according to assurances
It will help and support in friendship.
We strung a necklace of rare bright gems.
And admiring of him, got this dark green stone.
It is Russian in origin, Ural keep it.
All previous generation sung the Ural malachite.
Handsome stone in a color symphony –
Admiring them, I am not sad:
An example of natural harmony,
Which I’m looking for everywhere.                                              


LARISSA AYVAZYAN (Lara Ayvazyan): Born on September 21, 1955 in town of Borschev, the USSR, Russian, female. In 1978 graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Culture (specialization – foreign children’s literature). As a singer appeared with concerts in Russia and abroad (the USA, Sweden, Bulgaria). Released 14 musical albums. Her songs are on the air at various Russian and foreign radio stations. Along with musical career has been writing poems. Her pieces of poetry were printed in internet poetry magazine “New Literature”. She is the Member of International Association of Writers and Artists (IWA). In February, 2016 her new edition of poems “Age of Happiness” was brought out. In January, 2019 another edition of poems “Second wind” was published. Lara Ayvazyan has been appearing with her songs and poems at a number of Moscow stages.

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