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Whenever and wherever we write poems on whatever topics, our subconscious mind remains occupied with the situations or the conditions of our surroundings. It may be political, social, economic, cultural or even spiritual etc., but in our subconscious mind all these continue to rule over our inner self. Not that every time we are aware of this, but the subconscious layer of our mind can never make itself free from these realities of our surrounding situations or conditions. Any poet who is well equipped with his or her literary tools and can make a near perfect balance between their literary craftsmanship and surroundings, can create a literary ambience of highest calibre. Only then one can create a literary piece of work which can be called poetry. So, it is indeed a difficult and very complex method through which one has to proceed if one really wants to write true poetry.

Yes, it is also true that almost none of us starts writing poems keeping all these in mind and in our thought process. We write poems as we wish. This wish primarily comes out of our mind to pen down our emotions and thoughts. We like to express our views and put forth our messages through our words and symbols, sketches of co-related pictures. We wish to create a virtual reality of words in relation to our emotions and sentiments, which are again primarily very personal. Yet, we hope others will eventually relate to these personal expressions and applaud them to make them universal. As we want to communicate our emotions and views with other peoples, we make poetry as the medium to make this wish fruitful.

Most of the written poetry is the outcome of these very personal emotions and expressions. But only those which can make a perfect balance between the personal emotions and the surrounding realities to represent the time both in eternity and temporal can be considered as true poetry. Personally, not only as an editor but also as a literary worker I think it is better to realise this complexity of poetry as early as possible in our literary career. Yes, I also agree that very few of us have taken literature as a professional career. Yet, whether we take it professionally or not, whenever we consider literature as a part of our creative expressions, we should consider it as a career, even if it is not associated with our professional activities.

One may argue that these personal emotions and sentiments which are the basic ingredients of writing poetry are the direct or indirect outcome of our integrations with our own surroundings. Whether we remain active or passive with our present times, our words do follow this integration of our individual personalities with the general social behaviour of our own times. So, whether we remain aware or not, our personal emotions and sentiments are also the product of our times, which is closely related to our surrounding situations and conditions. Yes, one can never deny these facts and eventualities. Yet to attain that equilibrium of balance which we have already discussed in details, through which one can represent his or her time perfectly in relation to the eternal time scale requires extensive hard works and dedication. Only then true poetry can emerge with all its complete dimensions. Otherwise poetry remains captive in the poets’ own personalities.

Yes, poetry shouldn’t remain captive in the realm of a poet’s own individual personality. It must be released into the impersonal domain of universal consciousness. If your poem has that power to make its place into the universal consciousness, only then it would be considered as true poetry. Otherwise it would remain as your own emotions and expressions unfortunately separated from its time and space. I can assure you dear readers that almost all of us fail to realise this truth about poetry in general. That is the reason why the vast majority of the poetical works, especially of this present time, is actually a waste of time and effort. Moreover, it has become the trend of this present time that we never focus on the real issues, rather our main attention hovers around the superfluous ones. That is very unfortunate. Publishing poetry collections draws much more attention than the critical reviews of the poems. We like to attain the book publishing events more than to organise a poetry seminar and participate in it. Most of the literary events around the world do concentrate on publishing books and the felicitation of the poets. We try to avoid controversies; we like to remain in good terms with our fellow poets and friends. So, we never try to evaluate the actual worth of literary aspect of the writings. We like to remain popular among each other. These trends are actually playing havoc on the resultant effects which bring down our literature to mediocrity.

Unfortunately, we at Our Poetry Archive are not immune to this hard reality also. We publish poems only. We have not created any space for literary discussions and debates. I think this is really an important domain we should have focused on much earlier. Yes, we know our own limitations also. Yet, within our limited capacity we publish interviews of poets every month. We hope these interviews can open up doors however small they are, to step ahead a little farther. This month we are glad enough to introduce poet MAHIRE NAGİQİZİ of Azerbaijan as the Poet of The Month. Readers will find one engaging interview of the poet with our editorial panel. With this we are also presenting more than a hundred poems of 47 poets around the world. We hope readers will engage themselves in discussions and debates on the literary merits of the published poems.

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