Friday, November 1, 2019



Deflowering In The Sea

The sea’s ears come and go on the shore

Ears made into waves; ears made into billows

She catches the sea by the ear

‘Virginity is so important for a woman,’ she complains

Of course, losing her virginity in the water

To whom is she telling this, to whom?

The virgin quill does not originate from the sea foam

According to the playful kings of Olympus

Even the energetic cocktail ‘ambrosias + nectar’

Originates from the sea foam

To whom is she telling this, to whom?

When the Sea’s Beautiful Woman fell prey to the monarch’s claws

She stopped speaking with her body for nine years

Her then tears are the toady’s woman’s tears

Only the shape of the drop brings them together over the waves

I bend over sea to kiss the foam of each of its waves

Where her tears are falling, yes, I kiss it

I kiss it once or twice or thrice, who knows?

Hey, in a hurry, I often I kiss the blue galaxy

In its liquid state

The lips stick to the water quill

The flesh quill and the water quill do not fall apart

What a magic sticker unknown to this day! ok

All the sea filled with the breath of the male’s love

Distant voices of nymphs, not of sirens,

burning with the desire to have husbands are heard

Making all the sea’s water drinkable

Where did the salt go? Where did the salt go?

The sea has stored all the salt on its shores

Hey, salt merchants, make haste to take advantage

Of this super production

Changing Feet

Changing feet
The right foot

The left foot

Years are fast steps
Months are faster than fast steps are
Weeks are faster than fast steps are
Days and nights are faster than fast steps are
Hours are faster than fast steps are
And so on
And so on

Yes, of course
Years are slow steps
Months are slower than slow steps are
Weeks are slower than the slowest steps are
Days and nights are slower than the slowest steps are
Hours are slower than the slowest steps are
And so on

And so on
A happy birthday to you!
Write down only
The date
The month
The day
The night
The hour
The place
Do not write down the year
Yes, write down the size of your feet
The right foot, the left foot.

The Binomial

The tiny giant
Carving the grain of rice

The tiny giant
Carving the mountain
The grain of rice
As big as a mountain
The mountain
As big as a grain of rice


HAMDI MEÇA: Poet, prose writer, essayist, scholar. An active and contributing human being for human rights and freedoms. He is a winner of prizes, medals, honorary titles and diplomas and was elected on various international cultural boards. His poems have been translated into several languages and distributed to different parts of the world. In June of 2018, the International Publishing House "Aquillrelle", Croatia, launched the publication of his complete literary work in English and Albanian with the first volume A Poetic Mountain Range (Vargmal Poetik), and the second volume 303 Mad Battles ( 303 Beteja të Çmendura ). Meanwhile, the third volume is entitled Lines (Viza). Hamdi Meça was born on September 6, 1952, in the famous Albanian city of Kruja. He has an MS in Albanian Language and Literature from the University of Shkodra. Besides, he has been qualified and certified in humanities, psychology, linguistics, public administration, and tourism. He worked mainly as a professor of literature (1975-1995). During the period 1995-2008 he served as an administration employee at the Municipality of Kruja. He is currently a freelance writer living in Tirana. The Albanian Family 'MEÇA', which he belongs to, was awarded the highest State Title 'Honor of Nation' by the former President of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Bujar Nishani in 2017.

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