Friday, November 1, 2019



Memories Of Autumn

Fragrant days of autumn
Chariot of clouds at dusk
Here the clay goddess come
Carries all my songs

The golden touch of her feet
Makes my joy to shine infinite
Birds sing in the morning
And the whispers of the wind
Flutes sound and the laughter

After four days—

Memories swirling into nowhere
Plunged into a sea of silence…
© Asoke Kumar Mitra, 2019

The Secret Dream

The moon swallowed the dark
Broken dreams silently hanging
Through the window pane,
A rusted frame of night
Stars twinkle gently
Owls moaning

Dreams are fragile glass
Untold story of joy and pain
Come alive with words you have not spoken
This night beside the window
Eyes speak a thousand words
In silence

What are the colors of rain
Falling like lost dreams…
Forgive, but never to trust again.
© Asoke Kumar mitra,2019

Song Of Crossroad

Remembering you wrote letters…
Described the situations, you said
Will back home soon,
Days, week, a fortnight, months gone
It’s going to be ten months,

No letters, no phone calls,
Last time wrote from Paris
Dated May 13,2014

Waiting for you at breakfast table,
Empty chair, half empty glass
How long? This silence…

At the crossroad of sleepless nights
I am listening to my own heart beat
My own song…
With a sound of weeping violins
I am sinking in quicksand
©Asoke Kumar Mitra, 2019


Another day we went to the sea
Seagulls emerging from the clouds
Home bound birds and memories
Inside my heart lost love letters

Sand dunes and seashells
Night washed out in silence
Half-forgotten dreams
Don’t want to wake up

Time a silent stalker
In an empty space on the sea waves
Seashells, mundane thoughts and imaginations
Inside me your existence

Sand dunes, quick sand and seashells
Parched lips
Fire in our hearts…
And we part…
© Asoke Kumar Mitra, 2019

Our Secret Poetry

Waiting for a song to sing Together
Song of humanity and creation…
We are butterflies
Between a thousand flowers

At night we run among dreams
Stars and moon both merge
Us in love
Neon signs and billboards
Who cares

Like a potter who gives life to clay
The moon creates a shadow
Evening’s silent approach
To a blank page of our heart

Sea waves, winds and sea shells
Sky and clouds
Talking to each other
Our secret poetry dissolve in perfect silence…
© Asoke Kumar Mitra, 2019


Someday we will go
On a trip across the night
Where white lily blooms
Will sing a song of the cyclone

Two impatient hearts
Two vagabond heads
Folded in our pockets
And the sound of our own voices

We are a full-time dreamer
Ocean clouds only know our dreams
Voices of broken guitar and violin
Dark locks of the night
Today is Saturday, day after tomorrow
On Monday night
We are going for a poetry meet
Wordless poems, what this night needs…
© Asoke Kumar Mitra, 2019


ASOKE KUMAR MITRA: KOLKATA, INDIA Born 1950, from Kolkata, India, studied at Hindu school and St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. He is a retired journalist and was editor of “CALCUTTA CANVAS” and “INDUS CHRONICLE”. He is a bilingual poet. He has contributed to various anthologies published in India and abroad. His poems are translated into Hindi, Punjabi,Assamese, Italian, French, German, Polish, Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, Malay, Mandarin, Romanian, Spanish, Azerbaijani, Russian, Uzbek, Kirghiz, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Chinese, Catalan. “SAVAGE WIND” is his first poetry book, a bilingual edition, translated into Spanish by Mexican poet Josep Juarez. This has a separate edition published by Altaspera Publishing &Literary Agency INC, in Canada and distributed by LULU,IE under separate ISBN.  “SONG OF PABBLES” is his second book, a bilingual edition, translated into French by Marjorie  Meetoo  from Mauritius. Published from Kolkata, India. Poetry, photography, paintings are his passions.